You Found Me.

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Chapter 24.

Edited: 9th February 2015.

You Found Me.

*** Spencer's P.O.V ***




"You know he's going to find me soon, right?" I asked Holden again. He was in the room, looking at me and then at the phone in his hand.

He hadn't said anything to me and I was getting bored. Yes, bored.

After the torture yesterday he had me take some strong painkillers and now I felt like I was on cloud nine. For what reason he gave me the pills I don't know.

"He'll be dead before you can even say 'told you so', so shut it!" Holden snapped back.

It wasn't my fault that he drugged me up and now didn't expect some chit chat. And don't ask me why he drugged me up if he wanted to hurt me, I would of thought he'd want to hurt me as much as possible.

"Oh come on!" I whined with a snarky smile, "just because I have drugs in me and you think torturing me will hurt me, that doesn't mean I can't hear his thoughts. HE'S COMING FOR ME IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!" I yelled the last part, a laugh escaping me at the end.

There was a sharp slap to my face, but before I could say anything or even mutter an 'ow' there was sellotape being placed over my mouth.

"That's better," Holden murmured, "now I'm going to say this once, and once only, so listen up, little kitten. If you even think about contacting your precious Giovanni, he will die. If you mention his name again, he will die. If you even think about him, he will die. But he will most likely be dead before he reaches the house so I wouldn't worry about that anyway."

"That's a load of bullshit and we both know it!" I struggled to get out through the sellotape.

"Ah ah ah," Holden tutted, "I have a whole army at my disposal and you think his pathetic Pack with do any damage? You have a lot to learn."

"That's if I don't die of starvation!" I snapped back, getting grumpy and irritated. It didn't come out as I would of liked though. Yes, it probably wasn't the best thing to be arguing with your kidnapper, but as I said I was getting grumpy.

"Oh would you shut that cat up!" Somebody I didn't know stormed into the room yelling, but as he turned to look at me I gasped.

It was... Giovanni's third in command. He, what was he doing here?

I had met him a few days after me and Gio started dating. He seemed nice, reserved though. I didn't bother to remember his name.

"You have no idea who I am do you, little one?" The smirk that was spread across this strangers face made me cringe.

"No," i muttered helplessly, "I don't know who you are," every time I talked I got more frustrated.

"Of course," he sneered, the stranger walked closer to me and when he was within touching range, his arm slithered out and grabbed my hair in a tight fist at the nape of my neck.

"Why would I when you're nobody?" I sneered boldly as I stared up into his blazing, angry eyes.

"BECAUSE I AM NOT NOBODY!" He roared, throwing me across the room with the chair still attached.

It hurt like hell, I tried to cover my tummy and take most of the blow in other places, but it didn't help much.

That's when I heard it.

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