Enduring The Pain.

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(New Chapter.) Chapter 2.


Enduring The Pain.

*** Spencer's P.O.V ***




"I don't know what's worse. People who talk bad about their friends, or people who know they have fake friends but still keep them around."


I was afraid for my mum. What I had told her last night didn't seem to be the best idea me and Reece have had. I could hear her crying through the night, at least till early morning when I heard yelling from Steven.

The door was slammed shut shortly after the yelling stopped and then there was silence around the house. There could have been a pin dropped and you would have heard it.

This morning when I came downstairs, it was a Sunday and mum wasn't supposed to be at work. But when I entered the kitchen I found a note that was slightly damp from what I guessed to be tears, it said she was doing overtime. It's not like we need the money, because we didn't, so I figured it was to do with what I told her. Well, what Reece told her.

"What did I tell her?" Reece asked, I had obviously been talking out loud.

"Oh," I muttered, "sorry. I didn't know I was talking to myself out loud."

"What did I tell who?" He asked again, moving around me to the kitchen and getting milk out, drinking from the carton.

"Reece! That's disgusting!" I reprimanded.

"So?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nobody else wants your germs!" I said with slight outrage.

"I know a few people who do," he murmured quietly with a smirk that I noticed, "but anyway, don't you have to pack or something?"

"No," I lied. I had to pack everything. I couldn't concentrate last night with my mother crying so I sat there in silence, listening till she finally wore herself out and slept.

Even then, I didn't get anything done. I was too preoccupied with thoughts racing through my mind to do anything about it.

"So if I go up there you'll have stuff packed?" Reece asked, bringing me back down to reality.

He looked at me, and I looked back. It wasn't the best idea I've had to lie to Reece. Actually, it was a pretty bad one.

"No," I decided. Telling him the truth was the best option I've had.

"Thanks for telling me the truth," he smiled slightly and I saw his eyes flicker down to my writs where I had been subconsciously playing with the arm of my jumper.

He didn't say anything and I was safe for another day, but not safe from him already knowing my secret. At least he wasn't asking to see it again.

"Anyway," Reece said more brightly, "its a nice day so let's get some music going and some packing done. I have to tell you something though Spence."

He went over to the stereo in the living room which was connected to speakers in each room, plugged his iPod into the dock and played Rixton, Wait On Me.

"What?" I followed him, he didn't turn to me as he said his next words.

"I've called the police Spence," he turned to me, "they're going to be here soon. You need to tell them what Steven has done and he needs to be put away before he can do anymore damage."

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