What Feelings?

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Chapter 16.


What Feelings?

( Has A Dream )

*** Spencer's P.O.V ***





"I'll get the worriers. How many?" He gave me a disapproving look when he saw I didn't even bother to get dressed again and smiled at Spencer.

"Maybe, 8? 9?"



"This is bullshit!" I yelled over the sound of blaring music, the noise reverberating around the room and blending in with the singer.

"Language!" Reece yelled back, his face turning and giving me his famous 'do-as-I-say' glare.

"Oh fuck off Reece! Seriously," I muttered the last part to myself, covering my face with my hands sighing.

"Why can't my life be normal?" I groaned as I stared up at my older brother who sat on his bed, sketchbook in lap. He wasn't paying much attention and I groaned again.

"Because you're not normal?" He asked sarcastically though as he once again gave me one of his famous looks.

"Oh you..." I let out a sigh and flipped open one of Reece's old sketchbooks that I found on the floor from when he was younger and just starting out.

The first page was a sketch of me, him and mum. I was in mums lap at about age 7 and he was only a year older standing next to her with a silly face, tongue sticking out. We were dressed in black so it must have been for a funeral that I can't really remember.

"I love this," I commented as I ran my fingers over the page of the book, it wouldn't be as good if he had done it now but it was still brilliant.

"Pfft, that was one of my better ones," I didn't agree with that, I always thought that all of his work was very good even then. When he only just started drawing he was very good, a natural.

Reece suddenly shoved his book off of his lap and lowered the volume of the music, sitting in front of me on the floor cross legged.

"What's up?" It was unlike Reece to ever stop drawing when he was getting into it, and then the mischievous glint in his eye didn't make me feel better in the slightest.

"Oh I was just wondering..." He fiddled with the ends of his tops sleeves, looking more awkward now, "how you feel about Giovanni?"

"Erm," I could feel my cheeks warming up and hoped he wouldn't want to look at me, "well... I don't know really, he's sweet and everything..."

"He's serious you know. About everything he's told you, you're his Mate and he'll do whatever he can to make you happy," he paused to take a breath and continued, "you're gonna have power over him like no one else. You will be able to get him to do what you want, when you want. It's a natural thing."

I nodded my head even though I didn't really know why I had that... Power? But I knew for sure I wasn't going to take advantage of it. If it was due to the 'Mate' bond then... Why would I abuse it?

"Okay..." I let out a breath slowly, the gears in my brain working even slower.

"You're taking too long," Reece huffed, "basically you tell him to do something and he will. Unless it has something to do with 'cheating'-" he made air quotations over the word, "- on you."

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