Kidnapped? How?

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Chapter 20.

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Kidnapped? How?

*** Giovanni's P.O.V ***




"What?" I whispered as I stared wide eyed at Reece.

"He's gone, Giovanni. Right under your nose they took him. You're not a very good mate, are you?" Reece sneered.

I guess he was right. One minute I was falling asleep with Spencer in my arms, the next I wake up to find he's gone with his brother telling me it's all my fault.

I guess he was right, again.

If I had heard the person coming in maybe I wouldn't of been drugged while Spencer was being taken away.
I could of fought for him.

Stopped them, even.

But no. I was a useless mate, one who gets drugged and then his mate taken away.

He must have been so scared, angry at me for not helping him, worrying for his own life as he was taken.

Maybe after I get him back I should leave him to find a mate who is worthy of his kind nature.

"Stop fucking wallowing in self pity and get the fuck up!" Reece suddenly yelled which made me jump out of my skin, the glare that I shot at him after did nothing to help either of our moods.

"You think I'm just gonna fucking sit here?" I yelled back, "because if you didn't know, I have a whole fucking pack who will go out and lo-"

"Stop!" Reece's mother yelled over me as she cradled a crying Jessie in her arms, "do you really think you two screaming at each other will help find Spencer?"

"No," we said in unison, both looking as guilty as the other.

"Okay," she said calmly, "Giovanni if you would be so kind as to ask your father to see if the pack will help look for my baby boy I will be ever so grateful."

"Of course I will," I said softly, I already had my phone out in hand with it dialling my fathers number.

"I know," he said as soon as he picked the phone up, "I've already asked the pack and some of them are already out in the woods looking. Including Christian."

Christian was our best tracker. Well, along with Alex but Chris wouldn't of put Alex in harms way so he would be at home. That would be what it would be like for the four of us, me and Chris doing the hard work while Spence and Alex stayed home.

"Thanks dad." I said when silence was the only thing that met my ears.

"Just get out here," he said gently, "you'll be the one that will be most helpful."

"Okay." I hung the phone up and didn't bother to hide my modiste as I walked straight past Reece and his mother.

It didn't take me long to find Christian, either.

He wasn't too far from the house as that would be where his smell would originate from, and the people's that took him.

'Where did they come in?' I asked him as we stood side by side.

'East border, Alpha,' he told me straight away, he went again to sniffing the ground and moved a few feet, Reece joined us then.

We didn't have a connection with Reece through pack bonds so we tried to communicate as best we could with what we had. He was easily getting frustrated with what we were doing and I just figured out the smell I caught a whiff of a few weeks ago, I thought it was familiar and it was.

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