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Chapter 17.

Edited: 12th December 2014.


*** Giovanni's P.O.V ***




I didn't know what woke me up, but when I was awake enough to comprehend what was going on I felt soft, feather light kisses being placed all over my naked torso.

"Gio..." A smooth voice whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine, "wake up."

"Mm, I could get used to this, kitten," I skimmed my hands over his side and grabbed his waist, pulling him up and onto my chest.

He squeaked from the sudden movement but didn't say anything about it or complain.

"Good. I plan on doing it a lot," he giggled.

I pulled him against me and smothered his face in kisses, not letting up when his squeals of joy spurred me on.

"That's soon becoming my favourite sound," I whispered in his ear when I eventually stopped.

"I think this mate thing is just getting to your head," he giggled when he talked but pulled away from me to get dressed.

"Get up," he pushed my ass with his foot and instead of getting up I stretched out on the bed and watched him change.

He chose a simple pair of basketball shorts and a plain white T.

And again, damn.

He wasn't wearing anything to impress but then again, I would find him hot in anything.

Deciding that ogling my mate would just leave me doing nothing all day, I got up and out of the bed, stretching properly.

"What are you doing today kitten?" I asked going over to him and wrapping my arms around his waist.

"I was going to see if Reece would go on a run with me," he leaned back into my chest and sighed, "but if you want we can do something."

"No," I kissed his cheek and continued, "you go on your run. I have to talk to my dad anyway."

"Oh, okay," he sounded disappointed so I was going to do what I had been holding back, until now.

Without letting him catch on to what was happening I let my lips descend onto his much softer ones.

Our lips moved in sync, his hesitant and more scared than mine. I moved mine slower and swept my tongue across his lower lip, the sweet taste of strawberries hitting my taste buds.

When I done it again he opened his mouth to me less hesitant this time and let my tongue sweep against his, him mimicking my movements when I do them.

He tasted so sweet and I didn't want to let him go but I was running out of breath, and I'm sure he was as well so I let his mouth go.

"Woah..." He whispered, I leaned my forehead against his and just let our breath mingle together, "that was my first, by the way." He said, almost shyly.

"Well I'm glad I'm your first, along with many other things," I slid my hands around him to rest on his hips, his going around my neck.

"Yeah - I - well I've never really been like this with someone," he buried his head into my neck to hide his blush, "my ex was a bit of a douche so..."

I tried not to growl when he said ex, honestly it did make me a bit mad to know he was with someone else but being his first with a lot would make up for it.

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