Accident My Ass.

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Chapter 6.


Accident My Ass.

( Has A Dream )

*** Spencer's P.O.V ***




"What's worse than losing someone you love? Losing yourself just for someone you love."


"Open the door Spencer!" Reece had been trying to get me to talk to him since he came home from school a few hours ago, I didn't talk to him the day previously as I had been too scared to but instead, today, I locked myself up in my room and didn't open it for him or mum when she tried to talk to me.

He didn't expect to talk to me after hitting me, did he?

Well, obviously he did.

I knew that I was probably being too harsh on him. I just, I felt like what happened was just a sign to show me that not everybody is who you expect them to be.

"I told you to stay the hell away from me!" I shouted hoarsely, my voice scratchy from crying so much. I hadn't cried during school, but when I got home yesterday I broke down completely.

It wasn't like me to cry, it was like me, however, to lock myself away from everybody else.

"No! I want to explain!" He yelled back as the banging on the door continued.

"I don't want to talk! You're just as bad as Steven!" I cried, I knew it was a low blow but I wanted him to see how he had hurt me.

I dragged the blade along my arm a few more times, the blood was pouring out onto the palm of my hand and onto the sheets around me, and I guess that's when Reece obviously snapped.

He kicked in the door with only one try, it flew off it's hinges and lay a few feet in front of me. I was sitting on the steps that lead up to my bed, and when I looked Reece was livid as he saw the amount of blood on the blankets around me, blood still pouring out of the many cuts that I had made, tears leaking out of my eyes at an unstoppable rate.

Somebody had to see me at my worst, at least it was somebody that I loved.

"Oh Spence," the anger slowly disappeared only to be replaced with sadness and guilt.

Reece came over to me slowly, but still with little fight on my side and wrapped his arms tightly around my body. I cried into his chest, hugging him, holding onto him tightly as if he would disappear on me.

"I'm so, so sorry Spence," he kept apologising even though I said more than once to him that it was fine, but he would just not let me go. Instead he cleaned up my arm in the bathroom and put gauze around it, like every other time he'd found me.

"Mums worried," Reece finally told me after an interval of silence. He had carried me back into the bedroom, chucked the bloodied blankets into the corridor and sat with me while I curled up next to him with the T.V on silent. I watched the people on the screen move without sound, I was transfixed for a moment.

"I'm sorry," I said again for about the fifth time, I'd been apologising as much as he had about the whole situation.

I was just so tired, I wanted to sleep and never wake up. It was like something was pulling me down and wouldn't let me move my body.

"I'm... Tired... Reece..." I managed to mumble out just as I let my head fall on his shoulder and my eyes to close from the tiredness I felt.

"Goodnight baby brother."

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