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Why Am I In the Beast World?! by amackey2
Why Am I In the Beast World?!by
Young college student, Audre Vernice Willimas, finds herself suddenly in the jungle being chased by a pack of angry boars. After being rescued by a handsome jaguar beast...
EDITING - Door To The Supernatural. Boyxboy. by TheAngelsDevil
EDITING - Door To The Elise. ❌
Talks about self harm. M-preg and boyxboy. ****** Spencer is a boy who... You could say is a bit shy and doesn't like being around too many people, but when his mum fin...
What it Means to Have You by TheoryKierei
What it Means to Have Youby TheoryKierei
He should still be alpha, still have his longevity, and still have his pack. But life finally decided to deal Kine Royal a much-deserved blow. He lost his alpha longevit...
The Arcane Academy by le09120
The Arcane Academyby Rye
Thalia, a 16 year old orphan girl, had the most ordinary life. That is, until one day, during an unexpected visit from an unexpectedly small man, Thalia's life took a gi...
The Jaguar And The Tiger | Kipo X Reader | Discontinued by Alpha_The_Fire_Wolf
The Jaguar And The Tiger | Kipo Alpha
y/n is an escaped experiment, you see he's a tiger that got brought from his homeland to a scientist building in Las Vistas. He used to be a tiger but was transformed in...
Trials and Tribulations  by insomniacabello
Trials and Tribulations by mila
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor"
Felines In Love : Bagheera x OC by MoonlightKitty7256
Felines In Love : Bagheera x OCby Mist Luna
Bagheera x OC fanfiction This story follows Disney The Jungle Book 2016. (CURRENTLY BEING EDITED) Saya the black panther felt like she was dying. After that red flower w...
𓍊𓋼 ☾ Kai's Guide To Therianthropy ☽ 𓋼𓍊 by kai_therian
𓍊𓋼 ☾ Kai's Guide To 𓍊𓋼𓍊☾Kai☽𓍊𓋼𓍊
☆ This is a guide to therianthropy, as well as some of my personal experiences such as shifts and how I figured out my theriotypes. ☆ I am an awakened therian of 2 year...
The Tale of Black Jaguar (Young Justice Fanfic) by Black-Jaguar
The Tale of Black Jaguar (Young Layla Kage
Layla kage is a young girl who's parents died when she was little. actually, they were killed. who is the culprit you ask? Well, it was the dangerous ninja clan know as...
The Rejected Goddess by AlexisWitter
The Rejected Goddessby Alexis Witter
Skylar is a shifter.But no one new she was the moon goddesses daughter till she changes into a jaguar and other animals they herd stories about her but they thought it w...
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Werecat Protector: TVD/TO by BiancaEvans2
Werecat Protector: TVD/TOby LegolasG5*
Imarina was a normal girl until one night she turned into a jaguar. After a dream of Damon Salvatore nearly being burned alive with the tomb vampires. Not knowing why, s...
The Keeper of the Black Jaguar by a_new_act
The Keeper of the Black Jaguarby Nilesh Patel
Response to: "You live in a society where cats choose hum...
Lost City of Gold ⚱️ by GothNebula
Lost City of Gold ⚱️by GothNebula
It had been 2 weeks since Panthera and Blu Tembo became new superheroes. But now a new threat has approached when another from a dimension is searching for the Lost City...
Jaguar ~ Top Gun Maverick by DeltaClone
Jaguar ~ Top Gun Maverickby ⮚ Delta ⮘
~The missile smashes into the tail of the F-18. It sets fire and Jaguar pulls the ejection handles. They don't budge. "No..." he says scared. The F-18 spirals...
Never Say Never (Twilight FanFic) by SydneyAdams3
Never Say Never (Twilight FanFic)by Sydney Adams
Twilight FanFic. Shifters and vampires go hand in hand in a world that doesn't know they exist in anything other than dreams. The shifter Bella is a troublemaker with th...
The Last Elemental (A Naruto OC Fanfic) by CrimsonMoon36
The Last Elemental (A Naruto OC CrimsonMoon36
This story is about a kunoichi from a powerful clan. One of the three most powerful clans in fact. But of whom all wish to be pacifists, and to live peacefully in their...
I'm in the TMNT 2007 Movie?! by Shadow-the-Wendigo
I'm in the TMNT 2007 Movie?!by Shadow Studios
Maria is a head strong girl, never wanting to back down from protecting those she cares about. But when she's sucked into a world of mutants, dangerous gangs, and a city...
Revival by KjelleD
Revivalby Kjelle Dupont
Normal. That is how Aisla would describe her life. A loving mom, a loving dad and an annoying little sister who she couldn't live without. Until the news reaches her ea...
Tom Hiddleston Preferences by Billylover
Tom Hiddleston Preferencesby wawa
Preferences to do with you and Tom Hiddleston and some of the characters he portrays. -Tom Hiddleston -Loki Laufeyson -Sir Thomas Sharpe -Captain James Conrad -Adam -Fr...
inFamous 3: New World  by Rexburn12
inFamous 3: New World by Rexburn12
After Y/n used, the RFI to kill The Beast it tore a hole in the space-time continuum. Sending him, to a new world filled with vampires that remind, him of Bloody Mary's...