Apex (poly) by ladydragyn
Apex (poly)by ladydragyn
He was a chubby college student born of a meth head and raised by his grandmother. He easily went unnoticed and didn't make waves. He just wants a chance for a better...
  • interracial
  • shifter
  • romance
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The Alphas Mate Is A Pup (Wattys2018) by UnknownUniverse1
The Alphas Mate Is A Pup ( UnknownUniverse1
"Alpha, the rogue is over there!" He pointed to a bush. And that's when the little thing came out, wagging her tail up in elegance and her chest puffed up in p...
  • wolve
  • pup
  • wolf
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Deaf Tigress by BiancaEvans2
Deaf Tigressby LegolasG5*
Delia is a feline shifter capable of turning into a great tigress. Only two problems with that. She has been in captivity at Australia zoo since she was five weeks old a...
  • zoo
  • lion
  • shifter
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Late Night Fantasy's (Erotica 18+) by TessaT
Late Night Fantasy's (Erotica 18+)by TessaT
Short sexual Stories. Ranging from single females at a nightclub, to werewolves pouncing on their mate. You might have to follow as there will be graphic scenes, but so...
  • screwing
  • dragon
  • 2m1w
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Brave { Neville Longbottom} by kmbell92
Brave { Neville Longbottom}by K.M. Bell
Long before she was sorted into the Gryffindor house, Kefira Walsh was known as the "little lion" in her family. The youngest of the four Walsh girls, Kefira w...
  • lion
  • gryffindor
  • brave
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Unpredictable Love (Voltron's Keith Kogane X Reader fanfiction) by Mendie_Plays
Unpredictable Love (Voltron's T A E - M A T O
Another story of love. The Universal protection of Voltron. You would've have never thought you would have found yourself where you are; slowly falling in love with Volt...
  • wattys2017
  • kogane
  • red
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❥Riptide Queen (lapidot AU)❥ by Chansaw
❥Riptide Queen (lapidot AU)❥by 🍒 Chlo 🍒
Peridot Diamond: A short, pale blonde scientist who is socially awkward. All she cares about is science, facts, and logics. She's never really had a friend and she's nev...
  • rosequartz
  • pearl
  • gems
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Galra Keith by Flaming_naruto
Galra Keithby Spicy Boi TM
No one knew Keith was that strong, but he really was that, strong. "I'm sick of pretending!" Keith always yelled as he sagged below everyone in ... everything...
  • powerful
  • shiro
  • scary
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Keith x Reader (Season 1 & 2) by MillennialMars
Keith x Reader (Season 1 & 2)by Mars
You and Keith were a couple while in the Garrison until he got you kicked out during the year your brother, Shiro, was declared missing. One year later, you're outside l...
  • galra
  • kogane
  • voltron
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White Paladin  by Juniperstream
White Paladin by Juniper
What does it feel like? For people to actually care about you? To actually make sure that you're okay? Lance has forgotten that feeling, ever since team voltron had been...
  • voltron
  • angst
  • wattpride
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Rage and Courage of the Lion: RWBY x OP male reader by ShaNEON_757
Rage and Courage of the Lion: ShaNEON_757
This is another story that popped in my head, and in this one. You (The Reader) had a family that was fighting almost all the time and on one day something made you snap...
  • weissschnee
  • rubyrose
  • yangxaiolong
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The Colors Of The Rainbow: Voltron Fanfic, Klance Smut by Katpancake
The Colors Of The Rainbow: Katpancake
The five paladins are as close as ever.. especially Lance and Keith. Lance, still unsure wether to tell his feelings to the Red paladin, decides too during a mission to...
  • allura
  • voltron
  • voltronlemon
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Voltron RP by Horacant
Voltron RPby Elias
I'll do scenario requests, but I do have some pretty basic rules. I will use my own OC and RP alternate universes. Violence in public RP's is allowed unless it becomes s...
  • rp
  • voltron
  • coran
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Protector of Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia) by GrapeJuice1011
Protector of Narnia (The Grapejuice101
When Katie meets four strangers, she didn't think her life would change until she steps into the wardrobe. Peter/OC PLEASE REVIEW! Now complete and the sequel called &qu...
  • protector
  • lion
  • whitewitch
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My Little Lion Man (BoyxBoy) by MunchkinEatsBooks
My Little Lion Man (BoyxBoy)by Kitty
"You're a cute little thing, aren't you?" I scoff, "I'm not cute, Buddy. I'm fierce." ______________________________________________________________...
  • bullying
  • lgbt
  • love
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Forever Yours (Dan Howell x Reader)  by dwightkurtschrute
Forever Yours (Dan Howell x Mother Dwight <3
**Warning: This story contains graphic depictions of violence and self harm** Y/n's never really been one for good luck. You meet Dan Howell. He's your knight in shining...
  • crabstickz
  • dan
  • lovestory
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College Partner (Gay Furry Fanfiction) by justsomerandomwolf
College Partner (Gay Furry Another Furry Wolf
This is my very first story on this account! Find out what happens during the adventures of love with Dusk and Midnight! This story is a gay furry fanfiction, and it wil...
  • anthrofurries
  • gayanthrofurries
  • gayshit
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There And Back Again 》Sequel  by 17louise07
There And Back Again 》Sequel by Emma
After nearly two years from their beloved home, Amelia and the Pevensie's reunite and return to Narnia. Only to find that 1300 years had passed and Telmarines have invad...
  • historicalfiction
  • pevensie
  • prince
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Les Signe Du Zodiaque by MissElia3
Les Signe Du Zodiaqueby InMyHead
Tous est dans le titre
  • scorpion
  • zodiaque
  • belier
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 Kovu x Reader Fanfic by ArtSolu_Zan02
Kovu x Reader Fanficby ArtSolu_Zan
You're part of a different pride, a little ways past the jungle Simba grew up in. Your cousin is Kiara, the princess of Pride Rock. You're in the Pride Lands to visit yo...
  • lion
  • fanfiction
  • kovu
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