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Wrapped Around My Whiskers (On Hold) by majaaa_xx
Wrapped Around My Whiskers (On Hol...by Maja
Rogue Cat Wolf When her pack was destroyed, this what she had to face. After spending years alone, not finding anyone willing to help her, she finds out that all packs...
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Spare me alpha [COMPLETED] by chocolatebutterpie
Spare me alpha [COMPLETED]by chocolatebutterpie
19 year old Xavier is the most feared alpha in the world. He kills any rouge on sight determined to avenge his dead sister who was killed in a rouge attack. What ha...
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Silent Heroes: Wildcat by unbrokenworld
Silent Heroes: Wildcatby Carla
"What the hell?" I took a step closer to the mirror, staring at my reflection in disbelief. The person looking back was still me, but at the same time it wasn...
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The One And Only Alpha by chocolate4789
The One And Only Alphaby chocolate4789
Erika is ....... unique. Her father is a werewolf , her mother is a vampire, and to top it off her mother's family had a long line of werecats. It gets even better. At...
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Runaway by blueisthename124555
Runawayby taylor
Followed by her past Alex is a shapeshifter, a panther in a world of werewolf's. she has never met another of her kind. running all day everyday for years across pack la...
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Reject and Regret (Undergoing Editing) by KandiPie
Reject and Regret (Undergoing Edit...by KandiPie
Mia was only a little girl when her parents were murdered by a rogue right before her eyes. Yet he left her. Now 16 years old, Mia still hasn't shifted and is known as...
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Werewolves and Werecats by _A13XA_
Werewolves and Werecatsby Alexa
( WARNING I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS LIKE 12 READ AT YOUR OWN RISK ) Sadness.Hate.Anger.Pain. That's all the feeling Maria feels. Her pack abuses her mentally and physical...
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The Werecats Mate by SandyCompton
The Werecats Mateby WolfGirl94
What happens on a werewolfs 16th birthday, when they discover they're not the big bad wolf they're expected to be, especially being a member of the alpha family, but, ar...
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The Alphas Kitten by PinkPongMaggie
The Alphas Kittenby Mags
Her head shot straight up as I stalked toward her. She shakily stood up and started backing away. I pinned her against the wall and sniffed her neck. "Hello t...
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My Mate Is My Devil Of A Boss by TheUnknownCatGirl
My Mate Is My Devil Of A Bossby The Unknown Cat Girl
I walked into The Anderson Corporation of Finances Building smelling a lot of humans but a hint of werewolves. I became scared of the thought of werewolves here and alm...
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Calling Affection (Boyxboy) by justprettypoison
Calling Affection (Boyxboy)by justprettypoison
In which an asshole jock Alpha is mated to a sociopathic and generally apathetic male human. Who isn't acting like a human should. Drama ensues.
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The Cat In The Eye by CheshieCat15
The Cat In The Eyeby Kaitlin
Lets just say that Im a Werecat, and Im about to make Werewolf history! ...
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The Alpha's Kitten by animallover1207
The Alpha's Kittenby animallover1207
"You belong to me" ~~~ Artemis is a bubbly 15 year old girl who loves to explore. She loves going on walks through the woods. People always thought of her as o...
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Two Is Better Than One by Mistylove209
Two Is Better Than Oneby Mistylove209
Misty and Angel are twin female werewolf. Their mother had tried to abuse them but misty took all of the beatings. Their mother had decided to get rid of them so she dr...
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Haikyuu Creature Collection by WizzyGameMaster
Haikyuu Creature Collectionby Wizzy
This a collection of one-shots for the Haikyuu characters starring one of them as a fictional creature. Or in some cases, the reader will be the creature. I will only do...
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Finding His Destiny (Vol. 1) by presleysangel
Finding His Destiny (Vol. 1)by presleysangel
Rafferty Wildee was looking for his soul mate or as he calls her, his destiny. He finds her in the small town of La Puckett working at a little café. Marissa Mason is a...
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Bell La Rouge (ON HOLD) by Mimic-My-Howl
Bell La Rouge (ON HOLD)by Dionne Michaela
Bell La Rouge is a secret club for Supernaturals. Full of money, sex, and power. Once you're in BLR, you must not speak about it to anyone. You're given a new name, a ne...
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WereTubers by SkylarSped
WereTubersby ...rawr :3
Mark and Jack are bitten by a strange​ creature, then visited by a young woman saying that she can help them. One thing leads to another and they're running for their li...
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The Alphas (boyxboyxboy)*discontinued* by peebbles707
The Alphas (boyxboyxboy)*discontin...by Annah
Tristan hasn't had the best life. Constantly dealing with a drunk mother after his father passed away when he was ten. Having to live up to impossible standards at sch...
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The Unexpected by Chellwolf
The Unexpectedby Madox
Luna is a 17 year old girl who was kicked out of her pack by her father, because she couldn't shift. So technically she was a human born into a werewolf pack. She promis...
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