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My Cruel Mate by Hollystar1
My Cruel Mateby Hollystar1
Catherine was an ordinary werewolf, until she got kidnapped when she was three. The man who kidnapped her did an experiment on her, which changed her into a werecat and...
  • werewolf
  • mate
  • cat
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His Kitten by 00LemonMan00
His Kittenby 00LemonMan00
"Come here, kitty kitty!" Ever since that fateful rainy night, little Emerson Jackson took in a small kitten, despite being part wolf. Something about th...
  • kitty
  • mpreg
  • werewolf
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Kitten In A Pack {Finishing Maintenance}  by Wolfy_Reporter953
Kitten In A Pack {Finishing Mainte...by Brynn Jordan
#1 in Werecat - 5/29/18 ------ Raylina. That's what they call me. This is my story. The story of how my world seemed to be based on lies from others, when really... I w...
  • magic
  • werecat
  • pranks
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Spare me alpha [COMPLETED] by chocolatebutterpie
Spare me alpha [COMPLETED]by chocolatebutterpie
19 year old Xavier is the most feared alpha in the world. He kills any rouge on sight determined to avenge his dead sister who was killed in a rouge attack. What ha...
  • rouges
  • love
  • werecat
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His Tiger (Jasper Hale Fanfic) by Littl3Red
His Tiger (Jasper Hale Fanfic)by Littl3Red
He has been waiting for her. His mate. What he didn't know was that she was a werecat and she is alpha. She has been watching over them. Protecting them. She knows her...
  • vampire
  • cullen
  • whitlock
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My Mate Is My Devil Of A Boss by TheUnknownCatGirl
My Mate Is My Devil Of A Bossby The Unknown Cat Girl
I walked into The Anderson Corporation of Finances Building smelling a lot of humans but a hint of werewolves. I became scared of the thought of werewolves here...
  • guy
  • rich
  • romance
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The Alphas (boyxboyxboy)*discontinued* by peebbles707
The Alphas (boyxboyxboy)*discontin...by Annah
Tristan hasn't had the best life. Constantly dealing with a drunk mother after his father passed away when he was ten. Having to live up to impossible standards at sch...
  • werewolf
  • vampire
  • trigger
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WereCat by miyamuffin
WereCatby binnie_muffin
It's been just about 100 years since the most recent war between Vampires and Werewolves. This war lasted about 1,000 years and was completely unnecessary. It only start...
  • werecat
  • jasper
  • vampire
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Rejected...Ok?? by Stormy_nightz
Rejected...Ok??by KING OF COWS
A new kid in town...shy and holds many secrets. How will he affect this little town and the weres who live in it... BxB
  • werecat
  • bxblove
  • poly
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Finding His Destiny (Vol. 1) by presleysangel
Finding His Destiny (Vol. 1)by presleysangel
Rafferty Wildee was looking for his soul mate or as he calls her, his destiny. He finds her in the small town of La Puckett working at a little café. Marissa Mason is a...
  • soulmates
  • were-cat
  • shape-shifter
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Ivory by Thundering_Love
Ivoryby Allie
He slowly leans against my bed, his eyes intensifying by the seconds. My skin starts tingling as he lays a huge hand on my arm, heat pooling in my lower stomach, and but...
  • moon
  • hybrid
  • paranormal
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When Fate Entertwines (UNEDITED) by catprincess99
When Fate Entertwines (UNEDITED)by catprincessa
Did you think werewolves were the most superior of all werecreatures? Then think again! There is one more powerful, more intelligent, more dominating than any other out...
  • hatred
  • werewolf
  • werecat
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Lost & found by tfp-fanfiction
Lost & foundby Tf bayverse
Skylar is how humans call her an psychopath and dangerous. No one trust her nor she trust others. She's all alone in the forest while humans are trying to kill her after...
  • ironhide
  • thriller
  • neko
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Burden//Peter Pan OUAT by XxPeterKayxX
Burden//Peter Pan OUATby XxPeterKayxX
My life is never in my hands. I never get to choose what happens. It was all planned out from the day of my birth... I'm abused, unloved, suicidal... I'm even mute. I'm...
  • peterpanouat
  • mute
  • werecat
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Mated to a Werecat by Fallen_Angels_2002
Mated to a Werecatby Lucien
Excerpt from the story: Running. That's what I was doing. From what you ask me. From wolves. They've been chasing me for a while now. The sound of the wolves...
  • werecat
  • alpha
  • wattys2018
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I'm a Neko (boyxboy) (discontinued) by ilikecats_7
I'm a Neko (boyxboy) (discontinued)by Kookiecat
In my world everyone is a shifter. Meaning they can turn into werewolves, werecats, ect. But some of us are different, like me. Kale Bennett is a 16 teen year old boy, b...
  • cute
  • werewolf
  • werewolfxneko
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The Myth that Became Real by Gray18
The Myth that Became Realby Kiah Gray
I was an ordinary girl, as normal as anyone can be. The day some mysterious guy rolled into town and noticed me, my world flipped upside down and things started happenin...
  • ceremony
  • werecat
  • truemates
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EDITING - Door To The Supernatural. Boyxboy. by TheAngelsDevil
EDITING - Door To The Supernatural...by Elise. ❌
Talks about self harm. M-preg and boyxboy. ****** Spencer is a boy who... You could say is a bit shy and doesn't like being around too many people, but when his mum fin...
  • lion
  • secondincommand
  • panther
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Cats and Dogs by Alliekit
Cats and Dogsby Alliekit
Eve is a 17 year old girl moving to a new town. Normal enough right? Except for the fact her family are werecats. Like werewolves but without the need to sniff each othe...
  • wolf
  • werecat
  • cats
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Holcum's Crisis by maxd01
Holcum's Crisisby Mad Max
Picture isn't mine. Holcom and his team finally was finally returned to Earth. Holcom was taken to the Pride asleep. The queen's have had their conference and one wa...
  • space-fights
  • pride
  • mila
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