This Shit Hurts, Man.

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Chapter 22.

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This Shit Hurts, Man.

*** Spencer's P.O.V ***




I moaned in agony as I opened my blurry eyes up only to see that I was in a different room, one with light. And a table full of... Doctors equipment?

There was also a man standing there. That didn't surprise me, though.

When was there not someone with the prisoner?

I think that was answered when I got knocked out with something from someone I didn't even know was in the room!

"Well," I said into the quiet room, "my life just keeps getting better and better."

"Shut up!" A harsh voice snapped, then as I was about to say something a slap to my face shut me up.

"Aw man..." I whined, "why the face?"

"Do you want your children to die then?" A voice asked as they walked into the room through a door to my side.

"No!" I gasped, I tried to move my hands protectively over my stomach but they were tied to the arms of the chair, "you wouldn't!"

"And why not?" The same man asked, he picked a knife off the table and twirled it around in his hand.

"You can't!" I yelled, "Giovanni won't let you and neither will I!"

"But you can't do anything," he said, "and neither will your precious mate as he hasn't even tried looking for you."

"As I know," the other man in the room said, "your mate doesn't even know you're pregnant? No?"

"I would of told him if you hadn't of taken me!" I yelled out again, then another harsh slap to the face, "fuck man! Seriously!"

"Shut up," the man that just entered hissed, he pressed the knife against my stomach and drew blood from the force.

I whimpered.

"No, you can't," I whispered.

"Oh," he said, "but I can."

A traitor tear fell down my cheek and when I looked up from the knife to my stomach I found two pairs of eyes looking at me with amusement.

Oh, so they found my pain amusing? Assholes.

"You can't," I whispered fiercely, my voice getting stronger, "I'll kill you if you do anything to hurt my babies!"

The knife pushed just a little more into my stomach and I whimpered.

Then he took it away, laughing. Who the hell were these people and what did they want with me?

I finally asked that question.

They didn't answer at first, then the man that walked in started to talk.

"Well... First of all, I'm Holden and I'm going to make your life hell," he told me, he was walking around the room with his hands in his pockets, "and I want to make Giovanni's life hell, as well. And having you here, is doing exactly that."

"He's going mad," Holden carried on, "I've got someone on the inside who can see it all happening."

"And you know what... Apparently he's thinking of letting you find someone else for a mate."

He's joking. That's the only thing that I could think of, he's joking. Giovanni wouldn't do that to me, he wouldn't!

"No," I finally spluttered out, "you're lying!"

"Oh?" Holden said, amused, "well we'll see."

"Do it," the amusement was gone from his face and he was walking out the room.

The other guy in the room gave a malicious smile and picked up a small knife from the table, coming closer to me.

"Oh, this is going to be so much fun,"


The guy... Whoever he was, cut me everywhere. Well, everywhere except my stomach. I was crying every time he got close to it but he only gave me that weird smile and started to cut my arms or anywhere.

There were cigarette burns all over my legs, cuts all over my legs, arms, chest. 3 out of 10 fingernails were ripped out, my two big toenails gone.

Skin was taken off of the insides of my wrists and was bleeding profusely.

I thought I was going to be left to die of blood loss when Holden walked back into the room with a scared lady behind him.

"Ah," Holden said with a smile, "I'm glad you're still conscious. This is Amelie and she's going to give you a little help. Amelie."

She came over to me tentatively, making sure not to step in my blood puddles and started to pull things out of the bag she was carrying.

Amelie didn't say a word as she started to bandage up and put antiseptic on... Well everywhere.

"You know..." I slurred, she had given me something to try and dull the pain, "this shit hurts, man."

"It was supposed to," Holden told me, "Amelie!"

Amelie left the room with Holden and I could feel myself slipping out of consciousness.

Goodbye, cruel world.


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