Help Needed.

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Chapter 20.

Edited: 12th December 2014.

Help Needed.

*** Spencer's P.O.V ***




"Spencer, your cat needs to be let out," Reece said softly, my mum sitting next to him with a concerned look on her face.

I hadn't been feeling well the last two days ever since the incident in the gym with the guy and then Gio in the locker rooms...

So that is why my mother and older brother were looking at me like I had some type of disease. Or I could just need to let my cat out.

"I just need to be left alone!" I snapped back, my mother gave my forehead a kiss and didn't say another word as she left, my brother wasn't so quite.

"If you don't go out today or tomorrow, I will get Giovanni to make you," he threatened, his voice cold as he looked at me with demanding eyes.

"Yes mother," I muttered helplessly.

I did what he said though, sneaking out of the back and into the woods that joined onto our back garden. It didn't take long to find a clearing that I could use, and when I stopped there I changed quickly.

It didn't hurt as much as it did the first or second time, it just felt as if my skin was gliding and stretching again. More of a strange feeling than hurting.

My fur looked as glossy as last time, the afternoon sun reflecting off of it as I ran threw the trees, dodging roots and random animals that got in the way.

It was around an hour later when I returned to the clearing to change, again, but something odd was there instead.

A... Lioness? I think it was, it was small and didn't have the large mane like a male, so I guess it was female. The smell coming off of them though is what alerted me, it smelt like blood.

Wait... Blood!

The cloths that were on the floor were chucked onto my body quickly, my feet and hands shaking as I tried to dress quickly and asses the damage made to this Female Lion.

I rushed over to where she was laying, there was a pool of blood surrounding her and I bent down to inspect the damage, although I couldn't see very much through the matted fur.

Her eyes were closed, mouth slightly open, I would of thought she was dead if I didn't see the slight rise and fall of her chest.

I hit her face(?) gently to see if she would wake, and she did, luckily. Well, I say luckily because when her eyes zeroed in on me, she freaked. She was every which way, trying to get away and up on her feet but the obvious injury was slowing her down.

"Hey," I said softly, holding my hands up to show I was no danger, "I'm just trying to help." She didn't look convinced. Her teeth were still slightly bared and I didn't dare to put my hands down.

"I'm not a threat," I tried again, "I've only just learnt to change for gods sake!"

She relaxed more, her stance going from defensive to down right tired.

"You need help," I said gently, my hands slowly lowered and I saw her eyes following them, "I just want to help."

Then she did something I wouldn't of thought she would of so soon, she changed in front of me.

She was maybe... A year or two older than I was, her hair was bloody with patches of blonde hair, her skin had dirt, blood and something I couldn't decipher all over it, and the big gash going from the top of her chest to just below her belly button was much more on show now. And it was bad.

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