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Hey guys!! I apologize for the agonizingly slow update coming out. Lots of stuff has been happening on my short end of the wattpad here.

But but BUT!


I'm sure lots of you fellers have read the fanfic, "Experience 2013" or "Summer Best Forgotten" by FlyLemon. If you havent, go read them NOW.


I got into contact with said flying lemons, and I might have a deal set up here.

*Dora voice* and I need yoooooour help!

I offered a deal to lemon. I said, once I hit 2k followers, I would like to do a collaboration pewdiecry fanfic. Some things were said, but all and all, the happy news is once I hit my goal I'll hit up fly lemon and see what the happenings is on a possible collab!

Now. Here's where you all play a part.

I have almost 550 views on this here fic and I am SO happy for that, but, I have 17 followers. If you ask me, it's gonna take some hard work and good writin to get my follower count up. I need you fellers to do some things for me.

Share my fanfic! Please! Shameless self promotion here! If I want to reach a life long dream of a collab with one of my two or three favorite people EVER, I need followers!

Also if you haven't already, hit up that follow button for me. You guys shall help me reach my goal!! Please!!

Anywho, I must get back to writing. I want this update out soon for you fellers :3

Thank you guys so much!


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