Partial Relaxation- Junds P.O.V

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This day ends now. I refuse to let it last any longer. The moon was already making its way up and Snake had quit bothering me a while ago.

It was time for this day to end.

I put out my cigarette and flicked the bud out the window. I felt a little bad yeah but I didn't have anywhere else to put it.

I walked over to my bed, grabbing my phone out of my pocket and plugging it in to the charger, then pulled off my shirt and jeans, not being bothered to put on comfortable clothes seeing as Minx wasn't here. No clothes are the most comfortable clothes.

Minx... I hope she's okay..

Sighing, I climbed into bed and flicked off the lamp, pulling the covers over my head and blocking out the world.

Within seconds I was asleep.

Cry's P.O.V

Felix hasn't woken up in three hours... Three hours. He hasn't even moved in his sleep.

I looked over at the clock on his table. 3:20 AM. I am not getting any sleep tonight... I can't. I tried laying down for a while and seeing if I could fall asleep next to Felix but I can't. My minds too cloudy.

I looked around for something, anything to do. Nothing.

I battled myself to make this choice and forced myself to do it but eventually I finally left Felix's room, starting to make my way to the living room. I stopped at the doorway when I heard voices.

"I can do this all I want. He listened to me and not you. You have no say in this. And now he's pissed at you as well, so guess who has the advantage now." ...russ?

"fuck you. You know damn well I denied that dare when you presented it to me on the roof earlier-"

"yeah I do and my eye still fucking hurts thanks-"

"you wouldn't leave me alone-"

"you wouldn't listen to me!"

"I listened, I just didn't care."

"god dammit, Snake! Why won't you just have fun with this, man? The kid obviously has a thing for you- well.. Had." I practically heard the smirk in Russ's voice.

"fuck you." was all Snake said in response.


I'm.. Not positive what I'm eavesdropping on here. I guess this supposed 'dare' explains why I watched Snake give a good punch to Russ, but what the literal fuck were they talking about?

I shook my head and walked in, going straight to the kitchen. The first thing that caught my eye was the bloody keys sitting on the counter. I shivered as my blood ran cold. I walked up to them and grabbed them, quickly going to the sink and turning it on, closing my eyes and washing the keys off. Silence was still happening behind me.

I turned around and looked in the living room. Snake was standing near the couch looking away and Russ was sitting on the couch, also looking away. I sighed.

Looking down at the now clean keys in my hand gave me an idea. I smiled to myself. But.. Would Felix be alright here alone...? What if he woke up..?

No. He'd be fine.

I opened a small kitchen cabinet I remembered inspecting in precious free time and grabbed a little switchblade.

Can't be too careful nowadays.

Then, I walked over to the door with the keys in my hand and opened it, looking at Snake, who was watching me curiously.

"I'm running out to grab something. I wont take long. If Felix wakes up, tell him-.. Lie." I said before walking out and closing the door. If Felix knew what I was after he probably wouldn't like it that much..

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