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A/N. Omgomgomg over 100 views?? You guys are amazing!!! Thanks so much I couldn't have asked for anything more!! I have something good in store this chapter for those who are as obsessed with Cry's voice as I am.i guess you could say its a little reward for you guys. This chapter will be short but sweet. and once again.. Thanks!! :D

Realization bitch slapped me across the face. Fucking seriously?? I barely know the late night crew and here I am paying for their crap?? All of my stuff is GONE. And it because I stood up for some boy I think is kinda cool. Just because I haven't had friends in a while doesn't mean I'm giving in so easily. I'm going to march my little ass over there right now and give Cry a piece of my mind.

-_~Time Skip: Arriving at Cry's place~_-

I stepped up to the door and banged on it. To my surprise, a limping Red opened it and instantly put a finger to my ready-to-explode lips. My emotion changed to questioning when everyone was seated in the living room but Cry. If I listened closer I could hear a voice echoing from Cry's room. No.. Two voices. They sang in unison and I almost melted listening to the passion overflowing from each word.

"This can't be the credits, you were the limelight, you were the limelight, girl! And I'll never find another, and I'm never going to recover!"

Cry's voice was unmistakably there but who was the other? When Minx saw my questioning look she pulled me down next to her and started to whisper to me.

"Dave. Cry and Dave have been best friends for a while now. They sing together rarely. Cry says it helps relieve his stress when it comes to spoon... And we all love his voice as much as Dave does. So we all listen. He hasn't sang like this in a while.. This much passion and emotion. I mean Cry is a passionate guy, but.." She trailed off.

I blinked a few times and looked down, listening to them more. Suddenly I jumped up from the cough as walked over to the door, opening it just a crack and their voices got louder. Dave has long brown hair with long red bangs, resembling Minx's style of hair. Cry's back was facing me... And his mask lay on the table beside him. His hands tightly clutching the bulky headphones covering his ears and he leaned in to the mic hanging in front of him. Just before Dave saw me, someone yanked me back from the door with a strong tug. The door closed and I turned around slightly angrily.

My eyes widened a bit at the figure looming over me. I've never seen this man before.. With his shoulder-length brown hair swept back and held by a green bandana. He wore a baggy black t-shirt and green army pants with black combat boots. His arms were rather muscular and the look he was shooting me was intimidating as hell... I shrank back a bit.

"I would keep from interrupting them if I were you." He snapped. His voice was deep and raspy.. It sent shivers down my spine. I watched as he turned away from me and went into the "guest room". Does he live here or something..?

Minx ran over and grabbed my arm, dragging me back to the couch. I obliged, seeing as I was too hypnotized by thinking of that look.. The way he glared at me like that.. If his face wasn't so emotionless I'd say their was something other than anger there... Whatever is was I liked it.

A lot.

Minx sat me down and glanced from me to the "guest room" back and forth for a bit. She spoke, snapping me out of my daydream.

"That was.. Snake. He.. Has only been out of that room once or twice, I.."

It was just then I looked around the room and noticed everyone was just as shocked as I was.. Eyes wide and faces expressionless just like me.. I'm guessing they've never seen him either..? Impossible, he lives here.. I think..

I was too busy thinking about Snake I didn't notice that Cry and Dave had changed songs. They were singing Mad World I think. And damn the way Cry would drop an octave like that was amazing. All I wanted to do anymore was just sit and listen...

-_~ Time Skip: past 3 more songs~_-

Cry and Dave finally stopped singing. Nobody spoke throughout the rest of the musical session. Moments after they ended Red stood up and grabbed my arm, pulling me up and towards the door.

"You shouldn't be here.. We can talk about whatever it is you needed later."

She said quickly, shoving a piece of paper at me and pushing me out the door.

"Wait-!" Was all I could get out before she closed the door. I looked at the paper. It had a phone number scribbled on it and a poker face drawn underneath. Cry's phone number.

I walked back home slowly. For some reason I forgot why I came...

Oh, right. Opening the door to my empty apartment jogged my memory. I growled and rolled my eyes, slamming my door behind me. I went into my room and luckily it was left untouched. Just before I climbed onto my bed I heard my door creak and my head shot around.

Spoon stood with a crowbar in his hands and he shut my bedroom door, closing us in.

"How the fuck did you get in here?!" I yelled. He just laughed and grabbed my shirt, pulling me down with one swift move. All I heard was the wind tearing above me and a sharp pain shot through me, knocking out my consciousness as I was engulfed in darkness.

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