Reunion-Cry's P.O.V

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Driving, driving and more driving.

It took an hour to get from home to here. And now that we stand ten feet away from the doors of my hell, I seem to be shaking of fear more and more every second.

I looked to my right, seeing Red giving me a look of concern and Snake staring blankly straight ahead.

I looked to my left, seeing Russ and Minx also staring straight ahead.

"here goes nothing.. " I mumbled to myself, walking forward with the others trailing slightly behind me. I reached out and grabbed the handle of the door and swung it open, strutting inside like I belonged here. Nobody will question me if I don't look suspicious, right?


As soon as I started making my way to spoons office, the receptionist stopped me.

"pardon, sir. Do you have an oppointment?" a British voice spoke.

I looked over to see a skinny man dressed in all black, a single YouTube logo printed on the front of his shirt. A small name tag read "Sam Pepper" and "receptionist" in fine print underneath.

"um.. Yes. Yes I do. " I retorted. Red shot me a look.

I stepped up to the desk as he typed fast on the computer. "your name? " he asked simply.

Fuck, fuck...  Think think think think who would need to talk to him think THINK


Red put a hand on my shoulder and pulled me back with ease.

"sorry, he's a bit out of it today. Ryan Terry? It was a last minuet oppointment, we may not be on a list. " she spoke so calmly. It almost amazed me.

For a second there, I was beginning to try and work my way into pretending to be Felix, but thank god for Red.

"oh. Well, go right ahead. I'm sure Spoon's still in. " Sam gestured to his office door down the hall.

As we all turned and started walking, Red passed me up and mumbled "you owe me", only audible to my ears. Snake caught up to me and spoke quietly as well.

"so we intend to walk right in..?" he sounded unsure. The hint of emotion was again, rare.

I nodded simply. I hadn't really thought up a plan on how this would go down. We walk in and either A, he tries to kill us or B, we manage to grab Scott and get out of here in one piece.

As for Felix... Well.. We'll come to that when necessary.

We all stood in front of the door and gave each other looks. Snake put his hand on the door handle and looked at us all. It was like a movie how we all looked at each other down the line of us four. Russ looked at red, who looked at me, and I looked at Minx. We all returned our gazes to Snake and nodded. He turned the knob and opened the door...

Which was surprisingly unlocked. And.. Thank god.. The room was empty, except for one person.

Immediately, everyone's heads snapped at me. But my eyes were fixed forward. And the blonde swede that I was locked on, hadn't noticed the door open until I managed to choke out his name, already feeling my eyes tear up.

"Felix... "

Snake pushed the door completely open, his looks alternating between me and my beautiful Felix, who was now looking at me with a mixture of confusion and.. Confusion. I reached up and touched the scarf that was still wrapped around my face and mentally grimaced. Suddenly I wanted to rip it off, but I know better. I adjusted myself and looked directly into his eyes. I know he'll still remember mine.. Because although I mentally hate this scarf for being on, Snake did leave my one good eye uncovered. Intentionally..?

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