Panic-Junds P.O.V

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We all stood huddled around the kitchen table, watching Mark and Ken formulate a plan. If we were going to get Minx back we needed to get her back soon.

And we're going to get Minx back.

"She's obviously with Spoon," Felix said from his spot standing next to me.

"Of course, but where is Spoon?" Red spoke up from across the table.

"Either at YouTube or.. Hiding. He wouldn't go to the roof, he's far too intelligent to hide in plain sight." Snake commented from the opposite side of me than where Felix was. He sounded incredibly focused.. They all did.

"I guess our only hope is to check both YouTube and the roof.." Mark said quietly, looking over the small ground plots they made of the rooftop, as well as YouTube.

"Felix may have to stay here." Ken said, looking over at the slightly shocked Felix, and Cry who stood clinging to him.

"What? Why?" Felix said, sounding just the slightest bit offended.

"Because of that. We can't have you as a risk." Ken replied, gesturing to the bloody bandages on Felix's shoulder.

Cry looked at the bandages as well and sighed, looking up at Snake and I.

"let's go change the bandages while they're finishing up the plan." Cry mumbled. I looked at Snake, then we both looked at Cry and gave a nod.

The four of us excused ourselves, then we all started on our way to the bathroom. However when we all made it, I suddenly felt like I didn't belong. Flashbacks of the pain on Felix's face and the emotion on Cry's face when we were all last here ran through my mind and I shivered. I took my place standing in the doorway.

I watched as Felix dug around in a cabinet with his good hand before handing a roll of bandages to Snake. Cry assisted with taking off Felix's tank top, while Felix winced, hissed and held back groans of pain from the movement. Cry tossed the shirt on the counter and Snake looked at me.

"Would you come help hold Felix's arm up while we take off the bandages?" Snake asked, in a quiet voice. I gave a nod and walked over, giving Felix an apologetic glance before placing one of my hands on his forearm and my other hand held his own, and I gently lifted his arm. His eyes shut and his face twisted in pain, but he relaxed after a few seconds.

Cry and Snake got to work on taking off the bandages, which was easy at first. As they came unraveled, some of them kind of.. Stuck. The dried blood held some together. At the final layer of bandages, Snake looked up at Felix and sighed.

"Sorry.." Snake mumbled before tearing the bandages away from Felix's arm, earning a yelp of pain from the Swede. I looked down at the mess of dried blood and fresh blood on Felix's shoulder and shivered. It was bruising pretty bad as well. Snake tossed the bandages in the trash and found a rag in the cabinet, wetting it and gently starting to wipe up most of the dry and fresh blood from Felix's wound. In the process he exposed more of the forming bruises and I shivered.

Finally Snake wrapped a new, clean few layers of bandage around Felix's shoulder with the help of Cry, who was dead silent the whole time. They both finished securing the bandages and I slowly released hold on Felix's arm, and we exchanged both apologetic and thankful glances. As I looked down at Felix's shoulder, Snake and Cry's phones as well as some of the others' all went off. Mine and Felix's stayed silent.

You're running out of time
Leave the blonde and the trouble maker at home if you don't want a mess


" 'the blonde and the troublemaker'? Ouch." I mumbled, crossing my arms and taking a look at everyone around the table.

"maybe the two of you should stay.." Cry mumbled, looking back and forth between Felix and I. Felix and I exchanged glances once again.

"Felix isn't capable of moving as quickly as the rest of us in case we need to make a quick escape, and Jund, you would be too stubborn to just walk away." Red said, walking up to us, looking at me with a smirk playing on her lips. I smiled and narrowed my eyes, giving a fake laugh.

"There's never nothing going on around here.." Mark pushed past all of us, making his way over to the fridge and grumbling under his breath as he did so. I couldn't help but feel a bit bad for him. He's been through a lot, poor guy probably just wants to relax.

"Whatever. We'll stay. Just get going already." Felix mumbled, walking to the couches and sitting down. Cry looked like he wanted to follow him but he didn't. Instead he sighed and looked at everyone else.

"Alright then.. You heard him. Let's go." Cry said, walking to the door.

"Well just like that? Where are we even going?" Russ followed Cry as he spoke.

Snake pushed past me, catching up to Cry and Russ easily.

"We go until we find him. Doesn't matter where we choose to look first." Snake said as he took hold of the keys and opened the door. Red, Ken and Mark gave Felix and I sympathetic looks as they left. Felix looked irritated. As soon as the door shut he stood and threw a pillow at it.

"I'm not entirely incapable of moving around y'know! My arm was shot, not my legs!" He yelled. I winced.

"Felix, that's not doing any good.." I mumbled, walking over to him and sitting next to where he once was.

"I know! But neither is being here! Cry can't handle being around Spoon yet, and the others just stand there and watch anyways! I'd rather I get shot a second time than have Cry get hurt." He grumbled, crossing his arms and sitting next to me in defeat. The sentiment for Cry was cute, and I understood where he was coming from. I know Snake can handle himself, but what if-

Suddenly a loud banging on the door broke me from my thoughts. Felix and I froze. We looked at each other for a few seconds before the banging returned again, louder. Felix stood and used his mobile arm to grab my hand and drag me into his room. As soon as he shut the door, the sound of the front door being kicked open echoed through the living room. Felix shoved me into the closet and jumped in after me, closing the doors. We both sat on the floor and I watched his face curl in pain as he rested his back against the closet wall.

Then there was silence. I heard the unmistakable sound of Spoons laughter and a gun cocking. Of course. He told them to leave us here because he wanted us to himself. He wanted to finish what he started with Felix and get me out of the way at the same time. And this time were not in a public place or an outdoor area, we're in the private, small space of Felix's closet. No back door, no car drive out of here, just a game of duck hunt and Felix and I are the ducks.

I couldn't help being scared. Spoon won't quit until he finds us and it won't take long. I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them, subconsciously shaking from the fear. Felix must have noticed because he placed a hand on my arm and we made eye contact.

He mouthed the words "are you okay" to me to avoid making a sound loud enough to give us away. I nodded as best as I could and whispered back, "scared". He nodded as well and moved a bit closer to me, taking his hand off of my arm and instead wrapping his arm around my back. He pulled me against him so my head laid on his good shoulder and he whispered.

"It's okay. I won't let anything happen to us." I nodded slightly. He reminded me of an older brother. The thought sank in. I never knew what it felt like to have a brother that meant something to me. To feel sentiment when he was hurt. To be comforted when I'm scared. It made me smile. I felt safe in this small little closet. At least until I heard the door to Felix's room bust open. I began shaking again and brought a hand up, clasping it over my mouth to avoid letting out any sounds at all. The tears running down my cheeks created small, dark and damp spots on Felix's shirt. His arm tightened around me.

There was brief laughter and the closet doors swung open. My body locked up. I couldn't move.

I made eye contact with him. Spoon pointed the gun to my face. There was a moment of silence, and my eyes trailed down to his hand. As I saw his finger twitch,


So, nice weather we're having lately..

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