Rush- Cry's P.O.V.

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"Okay, I'm working on it, everybody calm down." Snake finally said above everyone else. I just shrank back in my passenger's seat. In the backseat were Red, Russ and Mark. In the back of the truck was Ken, panicking all by his lonesome. I think he sank down beneath the concealment of the walls surrounding him just in case he was a second target for whatever gunshot was just heard. I looked at Snake. His face didn't show much emotion but I saw fear. Just like everyone else's faces. Just like mine.

I quickly pulled down the mirror attached to the roof of the car and looked at myself in it. My mask was long gone god knows where and my face was showing a lot more often now. I can't say I've been completely comfortable with it but it is a change. I slammed the mirror back up. That isn't important now. What's important now is Felix and Jund. Are they okay? Are they going to be alright without us? We shouldn't have left them. We were stupid.

Driving up to the house we were presented with a horrible sign. The front door was wide open. I have the worst feeling.

Nobody waited until Snake turned the car off to jump out. Almost as soon as the cars movement stopped, we were all rushing out while Snake shut down the engine. Red, Russ, Ken and I, me being ahead of the group, all ran as fast as we could into the house and looked around. Felix's door was wide open and inside of it echoed groans of pain. We all ran inside. I didn't need to look around to notice Felix kneeling on the ground putting pressure on Jund's leg, blood pooling around them and likely staining the carpets. I ran and kneeled next to Felix, looking at Jund.

"Scott, are you okay? What happened?" They both looked at me shocked.

"How did you get back here?" Felix said, surprised. My attention turned to him. He was a mess, eyes wide and panicking, tears streaming down his face and shaking with fear.

" We heard a gunshot and came back as fast as we could. What happened here?" Red said, walked to the other side of Jund and looking at his leg. "Russ honey, go get my supplies. Mark, go get a bowl of water and Ken, please go find out where the fuck Snake is." She said calmly. Everyone dispersed to do their jobs.

"Spoon found us, he found us, he almost killed him" Felix said quickly, looking down at Jund again. My eyes flashed to him as well. His eyes were shut tight and his face was screwed up in pain, clutching his own leg and occasionally groaning in agony. My eyes went back to Felix.

"Felix, take a deep breath. Tell me what really happened, please." I said as calmly as I could. He nodded and took a slow, deep breath.

"Spoon broke in, Jund and I hid but he found us. He almost killed Scott, I-I didn't know what to do, I pushed Spoons arm out of the way so all he got was his leg, but I used my injured arm and now it really really hurts, Spoon kicked Junds leg to make it hurt more or something, then he left out the window when he heard you guys coming back." Felix stuttered through the story quickly, more tears streaming down his face. I comforted him as best as I could as the others started returning. Russ ran in, sitting next to Red and handing her the supplies. Mark came in carefully with a bowl of water, and Ken rushed in with Snake following close behind.

Jund's P.O.V.

Words cannot discribe the amount of pain I am feeling in this moment. My leg is on fire. My whole body feels like it's up in flames. I know there are people talking around me but my ears are still ringing from the gunshot and I can't make out who it is. Is it an ambulance? I feel pressure being put on my leg. My mind is rushing with thoughts. I don't want to be put through the same pain that Felix delt with. He's stronger than me. Much stronger. I feel someone take my hand away from my leg and their hand holds mine. Someone else does the same thing. My hands are being pinned next to my head and I feel the leg of my pants being ripped away to expose the wound. I manage to open my eyes enough to see some of what's going on. Felix has one of my hands pinned, and on the other side of me, Snake has the other. He and I make eye contact. He looks concerned. He's trying to say something to me but I can't understand it. Suddenly pain shoots from my leg through the rest of my body and I feel myself screaming. The world is going black. My eyes are now shut tight and the pain isn't stopping. My hands are gripped tighter as I struggle to get free, reach down there and see what's going on. I feel someone pin down my right leg, then my left, carefully. I feel like this is a worse fate then death at the moment. I don't want to feel this anymore.

Cry's P.O.V

"Mark, get Jund's right leg and Cry, pin this one, carefully." Red manages to remain calm as Mark and I do our jobs. Everyone around me is concerned. It's almost like we're all thinking the same thing.

Red's P.O.V

What have we done to this poor kid.

Mark's P.O.V

I hardly know him, and I feel horrible.

Russ' P.O.V

We left them alone, because they were injured or slow. We're so stupid.

Ken's P.O.V

This poor kid doesn't belong here. This is our fault.

Felix's P.O.V

I couldn't move his arm a little more down before he shot...

Snake's P.O.V

We did this to him. We could have brought him with us. We were too stubborn. This is our fault.

What is wrong with us.

He didn't deserve this. Not him.

Cry's P.O.V

This is definitely our fault. We're such horrible people... Everyone around me looks filled with remorse and regret for him. For Scott. We dragged him into our life and now we've done this to him. I'm so sorry..

"I'm so sorry, Scott.."

Jund's P.O.V

I hear more talking. I'm screaming still. My voice hurts. My struggling lessons with my strength, and my strength is draining quickly. There's still ringing in my ears from the gunshot. Even with closed eyes, everything seems to be getting darker and darker. Voices get quieter. Pain stops.

Cry's P.O.V

Red notices his struggles are stopping.. she gives a look to Snake. Snake returns the look. He and Felix check Jund's pulse simultaneously.

"We're loosing him.." Felix mumbles.

I look at the ground. There's so much blood..

"Shit." Red mumbles, pulling the bullet from Jund's leg and beginning to re clean the wound. She has Russ assist her with wrapping a bandage. My eyes move between everyone. Everyone is so scared. Felix is a teary mess and Snake is now just holding Jund's hand, staring at him, eyes still full of a sad hope that almost seems unreal. Jund has stopped struggling completely. His arms occasionally twitch. Felix has his fingers on his wrist, counting the seconds between each heart beat.

"One... two... three... four... one... two... three... four..."

He sounds like a broken record now. I want to hug him. Something.

"Five... six... s-seven... eight... nine... t-t-ten..."

More tears start to roll down Felix's face.


Minx's P.O.V

Please... Help... Me...


Hey so you guys are going to hate me for this but.. this is hereby the last chapter of Blind. The story is running long.. but I will create a sequel if you guys want. So some questions are answered. This is kind of a big cliff hanger in itself.. I've been doing that a lot lately cx

I'd like to thank you all for sticking with me in the long run, I really appreciate it. My writing progress has come far and I'm super happy to have so many views and so many of you supporting me. You're all amazing :)

I am very sorry for how horrible I was with these updates over time. I'll get the hang of it one day for sure.

I hope you all enjoyed being here with me on this adventure :) there will be more to come for sure, my time here on wattpad is not expired, nor my rekindling spirit.

I love you all so much :) ♡♡



(P.s... sorry for typos. :) )

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