Lunch Time- Jund's P.O.V

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As Snake and Russ exited the kitchen making small talk about something or other, Minx and I were prepared to start making.. Whatever it was we were going to make. I opened the fridge and looked inside and to my delight I was greeted with a cheese stick. So I munched on that while Minx and I brainstormed. Just as she came up with some sort of idea, Felix and Cry came down the stairs.

"hey guys, I was wondering, instead of troubling yourselves with cooking, maybe I could just order food..? " Felix said, looking at Minx and I and smiling sheepishly.

Minx and I looked at each other silently.


"ohhh my GOD that was good" Minx said, leaning back in her chair and patting her stomach full of Chinese food. I examined the table that was covered in empty takeout containers.

"thanks, " Felix looked over at her and winked. "ordered it myself." Minx just smirked.

Red looked over at me, then at the table in front of me.

"Jund..? Are you feeling Okay..? You hardly touched your food.." she said. I looked down at my container still full of noodles and vegetables. I didn't realise how little I ate. And to be completely honest, no, I'm not feeling great and I'm not positive why.

I shrugged. "just an off day for me I guess." I said simply. She continued her concerned face. I just shrugged again and looked at Minx, who bit her lip.

"maybe you should try and eat more man..? Or go lay down or something. " she said simply. Once again I shrugged.

I looked down as a hand slowly grabbed my chopsticks and picked up some noodles and raised them to my mouth. I followed the arm connected to the hand and saw Cry with his tongue out like he was trying very hard to hold the noodles. I just raised an eyebrow. He slowly set them down.

I sighed and stood up. "sorry guys. Im not feeling good. Im gonna go lay down.. Later." I said plainly, walking up the stairs and bumping into Russ accidently, who was coming back from the bathroom.

"oh.. Sorry." I said, trying to brush past him. He put am arm in front of me to stop me.

"I saw what happened earlier. What's going on between you and Snake?" he questioned.

I growled and practically yelled "there's nothing-.." I quieted my voice a bit. "nothing's going on between me and Snake."

He looked taken aback a bit. "um yeah man there kind of is. I saw what happened earlier dude."

I growled again. "good for you! I just want to go lay down okay?!" I said back. He narrowed his eyes like I offended him.

"calm down okay? I want to know what's going on." he said offensively.

I took a deep breath and stared at him, beginning to grow way too annoyed for my liking. "nothing. Is. Going. On. How about you prove that something is going on." I said, crossing my arms.

He smiled. "my pleasure." he said, suddenly his hands were on my shoulders and he shoved me back. Luckily for me I only climbed half the stairs so I wasn't too far from the ground... But it still hurt when I lost my footing, practically twisted my ankle and stumbled back only one or two steps before falling backwards on the ground and feeling a sharp pain in my spine, letting out a little yelp of pain. I sat up on my own slightly, as Minx and Red rushed over.

Minx put her hand on my shoulder, Red putting her hand on my back.

"are you Okay? What happened?" Minx said, examining me. I just glared at Russ.

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