Clueless Clues- Cry's P.O.V

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Here it is fellers. The long awaited next chapter ^^ sorry it took so long!!
"whatever. I'm done arguing with you, cry. Go back to sleep." Snake grumbled, walking over to his bed and crawling inside. Either to mad or to forgetful to take into account the fact that he's still wearing jeans.

"fine. Whatever then." I rolled my eyes and reached for my phone which was left to charge on my bedside table and clicked the home button. I was almost able to hear the sizzling of my optic nerve as the brightness setting being once again way to high, nearly blinded me. I let out a small grunt of pain before grabbing my pair of headphones and plugging them into the phone, turning on a recording of one of mine and Dave's singing sessions. That reminds me.. I need to see him again soon.

Soon enough, I was fast asleep.

~~~~~~time skip to morning stuff~~~~~~~

"Hello... Helloooo... HEY!"

I gasped and quickly awoke from my sleep, immediately sitting up, which was a mistake. My head collided with something else hard, and I heard familiar Swedish swears.

"jävla helvete.." Felix mumbled under his breath. I opened my eyes and saw him clutching his head the same way I was now with mine. I suppose he was leaning over me trying to wake me up..

"shit.. Sorry..." I said, grabbing his wrist and carefully moving it away from his forehead. It was already red. Then he looked at me. And he smiled. And I smiled back. But when his smile dropped, I became familiar with the feeling of the mask tied around my head once again. I sighed and moved my hand away from him.

"um.. I wanted to wake you and tell you theirs breakfast downstairs. Sausage, eggs, bacon.. So on. Everyone else was already awake but you, heh.. Come downstairs when you're ready." he said, walking out the door before I could respond. I sighed and stood up, walking over to the mirror and examining my crooked mask. In one swift motion I pulled on the tiny bow on the back of my head and let the mask fall onto the dresser. I ran my hands through my slightly long brown hair. Time for red to give me a hair cut. I never went to a regular hair dresser because they made me take off my mask.

Suddenly the door to the room opened and I instantly covered my face with my hands.
"who is it?!"

"oh! I-I'm sorry, I just wanted to give you some clothes to see if they fit.. I'll just leave them here. S-sorry" the Swede frantically said, and I heard the door close behind me. I sighed and took my hands off my face, turning around to see a folded black shirt and pair of white skinny jeans on the end of my bed.

~legit minuet long time skip lol lazinessss~

As I pulled the black shirt over my head and looked at myself in the mirror again, I couldn't help but notice it was my shirt. My Cryaotic shirt I made when I was still in YouTube. Then it clicked.

I'm too obvious.

The mask. The voice. The way I've acted around him. Theirs no way he is this gullible. He gave me this shirt on purpose.

I secured the button on the white jeans and quickly, sloppily slapped on my mask, bursting out the door and running down stairs. Stopping just before I turned the corner into the kitchen.

"I can't stand it.. It has to be.. The voice.. I know it too well.. The mask he wears.. It's the same as the face that represented his channel.. But why wouldnt he tell me.. He would tell me if it was him.. But it has to be.. I don't understand.."

I peeked around the corner and saw Felix with his head buried in his hands, talking to Ken and Mark who stood giving each other guilty looks while leaning against the kitchen counter.

This is it Cry. It's now or never. Now or never.

I walked around the corner and turned to face the three, Mark and Ken looking at me like they'd just seen a ghost.

".. Felix.. " I mumbled. He slowly turned to look at me and slapped on that smile. I couldn't tell how genuine it really was this time.

"oh, hey there. Finally woke up Huh." he said, and I noticed his eyes trail down my body slightly before he looked back up at my mask.

My eyes flickered over to the table of dining friends, some of which had their attention turned towards me.

I took a deep breath. Looking back at Felix as his smile dropped slightly.

"are you alright there friend..?" he said slowly.

Ken and Mark exchanged looks with Red and Snake, who I just noticed was out eating with everyone else for once.

Another deep breath.

And I did it. It was done.

I grabbed the top edge of my god damn mask and ripped it off my face, the thin strings snapping under pressure. Everyone froze.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I should have told you sooner. It was just so hard.. I felt forgotten.. I wore that mask every day.. I wouldn't let anybody see this.. This face.. " I said quietly, closing my eyes and dropping my mask to the floor, reaching up and touching my cracked scars.

Silence. It made me further and further uncomfortable with every second of it. I felt judged. I felt like I let people down. I felt so disgusting.

I opened my one good eye long enough to Felix blink once. Eyes wide.

"...Cry... "








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