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Crynime: Encryption by ODDstar
Crynime: Encryptionby Kimie Ishikawa
"Guys?" No answer. "Russ, Red, Raven, Jund, Snake? Hey?" An eerie, sea-green light slowly filled the room. (O.D.D.- All credits go to Kiwa-san (≧∇≦))
  • cry
  • latenightcrew
  • cryaotic
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Victubia: An Origin by little-cocoa
Victubia: An Originby little-cocoa
Minx, Cry, Pewdiepie and Ken find themselves in the mysterious land of Victubia. With no previous memories, they are tasked to save the city.
  • andythebalrog
  • necroscope
  • dlive
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[DISCONTINUED] Drowning (CryaoticxReader) by AliceandFriends
[DISCONTINUED] Drowning ( AliceandFriends
Error Error Virus Detected Virus Prevention Activated Error Error Virus Prevention Activation Failure Error Error Error Error ~.~.~ You were just a regular girl. Shy, pr...
  • marzia
  • reader
  • cryxreader
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Her Hero's~ Various Youtubers x Reader by kennatasic
Her Hero's~ Various Youtubers x A creative girl
Y/n, Dan, Phil, Mark, Jack, Cry and the late night crew are the Earth's protectors. Each of them has a super power, except y/n. Jack can slow and freeze time. Mark can l...
  • adventure
  • insertreader
  • amazingphil
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Fixed Life by Bffwarriorcats
Fixed Lifeby DarkWarriorGraphics
So does anyone remember "Pewdie the bully" well this is almost like the same thing but changed up. I DO NOT own anything! I just can't stand how she disappeare...
  • jund
  • red
  • pewdsxcry
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I Don't Know... by SinfulEgotist
I Don't Sinn
Life and stuff man. Yeah.
  • cryaotic
  • latenightcrew
  • pewdiecry
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A Journal containing train wreaks  by Kat77rose
A Journal containing train wreaks by Kat
So this isn't a story, more of a journal containing multiple stories involving mainly au's and crossovers of Youtubers and such. Just a pile of odd creative process. An...
  • thecreatures
  • derpcrew
  • cinnimontoastken
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Scott Jund(DamnNoHtml) X My Dream by JarenXZarx
Scott Jund(DamnNoHtml) X My Dreamby Zarx T. Preoud
Idk, i had a dream last night where i was Scott's age and i was with the late night crew in the woods in the middle of the night (9/12-13/2017) apparently i felt bad fo...
  • scottjund
  • chyenne
  • cryaotic
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Mad life by IObsessOverCartoons
Mad lifeby Soup
It's the first day of high school, Cry puts up with Mad and his abusive dad plus getting bullied so he knows this is going to be a living hell. But he meets friends on h...
  • msfactualplays
  • jund
  • latenightcrew
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The Mask by Chaotic_ERROR
The Maskby ChaoticERROR
Cry (Cryaotic) tells his friends from the Late Night Crew a story, of the time he worked at a coffee shop/restaurant combination, where every employee wears a mask. Disc...
  • faceless
  • cryreads
  • latenightcrew
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My RoomMates (LNC Story) by imMurderCupcake
My RoomMates (LNC Story)by ~Murder~
"Will you quit?!" I yell at the man in the mask. It was the fourth time he's tried to get me to join. I wouldn't have any of it, but in the back of my head I k...
  • russmoney
  • cry
  • youtuber
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Youtube High by JulienneJc
Youtube Highby JulienneJc
What if there was a high school to help you become a youtubers?
  • youtubehigh
  • juliennejc
  • youtubehighschool
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Town of Salem Terror by ponyo3402
Town of Salem Terrorby Maddie
It was just a normal day. Our favorite YouTubers had decided to do a collab playing some Town of Salem, when everything goes wrong. Now, the YouTubers are stuck IN the a...
  • russ
  • entoanthepack
  • mangaminx
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Don't Look Back by Bffwarriorcats
Don't Look Backby DarkWarriorGraphics
After a horrible childhood BecaBacca moves with her father into a new town looking for a chance to restart and the option for an exciting future. BecaBacca flourishes wh...
  • bananabussquad
  • romance
  • love
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Oneshots by Sprite-Vodka
Oneshotsby Sprite-Vodka
Most are posted to Tumblr but why not put them here as well? Most likely Crake and Snund, feel free to leave a request
  • actual
  • msf
  • snake
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Imprisoned by NabiNu
Imprisonedby Daniel James
Cry is the new boy at the Chicago City Jail. What happens when he meets Pewds, a former tax dodger in for jacking off in the middle of a McDonalds, Krism, a murderer in...
  • seananners
  • mangaminx
  • cryenne
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Broken Love {A MsfactualplaysXoc Fanfic} by VannahWrites
Broken Love {A MsfactualplaysXoc I'm Vannah. I'm no one of imp...
She was broken, ignored like she was vermin. People avoided her and didn't even acknowledge her existence. He was broken, ignoring people at all costs. He rarely even s...
  • broken
  • snake
  • love
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The Night stone (The late night crew) by videogame_luv
The Night stone (The late night videogame_luv
Based on Cry and Friends play Dungeons and Dragons (The truth, the Eye, and the Beholder) this story follows Cry the half-Orc barbarian, Russ the Human Paladin, Cheyenne...
  • cheyenne
  • latenightcrew
  • scottjund
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Cirque Du Freak [A Pewdiecry Fanfic] by SinfulEgotist
Cirque Du Freak [A Pewdiecry Sinn
"Oh you're here! You're here. Tonight, we will be showing the sad fate that some in this world carry. Children that God has abandoned. Restlessly creeping out... Oh...
  • latenightcrew
  • madcry
  • freaks
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