Sin City Part 2-Junds P.O.V

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It was eerily silent. As soon as we all finished reading the texts everyone just started looking at each other.

" 'I know where you're going'... Do you think he means the rooftop..?" Felix finally spoke, looking at me. I just shrugged.

"well what if he does and he tries to meet us there..?" Minx said rather quietly, looking at us both. I shrugged again.

"only one way to find out.. Show the way, Jund." Felix said, beginning to drive out of the parking lot.

"what if he causes trouble?" Ken spoke up, looking at me.

"no idea.. " I said, looking at Felix.

Those seemed to be the only words exchanged between us for most of the ride. Within a few minuets we were all in the town that the rooftop was in. I seemed to be growing more and more nervous.

"um.. Take a left right here." I mumbled to Felix, gesturing towards the street that had my building on it. He did as I said, and I showed him where to park. The building was down the road.

We all got out of the car and started walking down the road, Felix and I in front of everyone else. My nerves were insane at this point. What if they didn't like it or something? Besides, this is where I go to be alone.. It won't be very alone if they like this place too much and come here all the time..

"oh!" I heard Cry shout from behind me, and he ran up next to me, on the opposite side of Felix.

"I remember this now. This is where Minx and I found you passed out in that alleyway." he said, looking at the alleyway that possesses the ladder to my wonderful roof top.

I nodded. "this way guys." I said, turning into the alleyway and looking at the ladder. The very.. Tall ladder. I was growing a sense of nostalgia, even though It hasn't been that long since I was here. Maybe it's just because so much happened.

I smiled to myself and looked at Felix, who was looking at the ladder with me.

"this is it." was all I said before grabbing the ladder and beginning to climb.

After I got up a fair amount, I heard clanging benieth me, signalling someone else began climbing as well. When I glanced down to see who it was, I suddenly felt queasy. Felix looked up at me concerned.

"you alright..?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. I just closed my eyes and continued to climb. I'm assuming that the fall I took the other day will mess with me for a while..

After a few minuets of climbing, I was at the top. I smiled and looked around, walking to the edge. Seconds later, Felix walked up and stood next to me. I looked at him. He seemed entranced by the scenery.

"this is incredible.. You can see the whole city from here..." he said quietly. The others began flooding onto the rooftop, Cry being the last onto the roof. He didn't even bother looking around before sitting on the ground and just glancing off the roof once or twice.

After admiring the view for a proper minuet, everyone began relaxing. Mark, Ken and Minx sat in a small circle near the edge, making casual conversation. Cry was sat near Red, Russ and Snake, who were all talking just as casually. Cry didn't seem too interested in the conversation though.

I was stood near the edge of the roof with Felix. We both didn't say much. My mind wondered back to the last time I was at this rooftop. It seemed so long ago. Just barely after was when I met Minx and Cry. It's so weird to think about.

My hand twitched. The other thing my mind managed to recall was how long it had been since I smoked. The dirty habit itched at the back of my mind more often than not but I chose to ignore it up until now.

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