Vocal-Cry's P.O.V

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I was the last one to pile into the living room. Making sure to nudge Jund, who seemed to be more out of it than me. He quickly snapped out of it though and we walked in together.

This house was beautiful. Light blues and light greens and pale cream colors decorated the modern furniture. In the corner of the living room was a solid marble fireplace, and the couches looked good enough to sleep on right now.

But, by far the most astonishing aspect of this room, was Felix..

Felix clapped his hands together and instantly pulled all of our attention. Including Red, who now seemed to be conscious, yet remained in Russ's arms.

"right. So. Three bedrooms and one bathroom on the top floor, one more bedroom and my own bedroom on the second floor, and living room, kitchen, another bathroom and so on down here. Plus other good rooms like game rooms." Felix said happily.

Small cheers we're given off from the group.


One thing we all agree on.

-----------------------small time skip yo-----------------------

It's all done and sorted.

Top floor-Russ and Red in one room, Ken and Mark, and Minx and Jund.

This floor, Felix with his own room, and Snake and I.

This isn't too bad. I get to walk around my room without my mask and I get to sing.

My mask.


I reached up and touched it, staring at the white ceramic in the mirror while Snake lie on his bed.

"you do that alot lately." he mumbled, looking up from the Savage Starlight comic he was reading. ((catch that reference, GO!))

I shrugged. "it gives me something to look at besides Felix.." I near whispered back.

"about that. Why don't you just tell him you're you?" Snake said, sounding just as confused as I expected. I only shrugged again.

"I don't know.. I don't know how.. How am I just supposed to walk up to him and rip off my mask and be like 'hey Felix! I'm your mutilated boyfriend from almost a year ago that you thought was dead. Surprise' " I retorted, sounding more sarcastic than sympathetic.

All I heard was a sigh.

I walked over and sat on the edge of his bed, looking at him.

"what is this an interrogation? Of so, than how come mister Solid Snake over here was getting all up close and personal to Scott on the drive here?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm~?" I said, poking his leg. He just waved my hand away.

"my guess is as good as yours. When I carried him to the truck, all he did was sleep the whole time and I let him rest his head on my shoulder. By the time I woke up my arm was around his neck and he was.. All over me. I don't know how." he said simply.

I faked a dramatic gasp and put my hand over my heart, looking at him shocked.

"what's this? Do I hear a 'yes, I am falling for Scott Jund~!' " I said, throwing my hands up in the air and faking the most lovesick deep voice I could manage. I could almost feel Snakes grimace.

"Cry don't you have something better to do? " he quickly changed the subject and I took the message. I sighed and got up, skipping my way across the room and pretending to throw things in the air. Snake asked what I was doing and I simply said,

"I'm the flower girl for you and Junds wedding~" and then slipped out the door.

I'll leave him to his thoughts.

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