24 Hours-Junds P.O.V

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Huge thanks to my wonderful boyfriend ZeePartyTiger for giving suggestions and helping get my creativity back on track. I Love You (: ♡


Waking up this morning was delightfully calming. Nobody forcing me up or anything, I got up on my own for once. I sat up in bed and smoked a cigarette out the window. I've been doing this a lot more often now and I'm not sure how to feel.

Eventually I got up and walked over to the closet, just pulling on a dark blue tank top and grey sweat pants. I was in no mood to try and look presentable today. I just want to go downstairs, eat, and play video games all day. For one day.

I opened my room door just a crack and looked out. It was silent, so I took the chance to sneak out and run downstairs. I looked around.

"Seriously, nobodys awake..?" I mumbled to myself. When nobody came to interrupt me, I smiled. Forget food. This is valuable time here.

I ran over to Felix's game cabinet and pulled out a random game; just whatever seemed fitting to me. Then I went over to the wonderfully beautiful PlayStation 4 and put it in. Within seconds I was playing.

It must have been an hour or so of my just sitting there playing and I was completely okay with it. Nobody had come Downstairs yet so-

"Scott..? What are you doing up?" I heard Reds voice from behind me. I paused my game and turned around to face her. She was leaning against the back of the couch smiling, and surprisingly enough I managed a smile back.

"Just.. Figured it was time. Uh.. What time actually is it?" I said slowly, laughing a bit.

"7 in the morning dude. Aren't you tired?" she said back. It caught me by surprise a bit but I wasn't tired at all. I shook my head and she smiled.

"...May I join you?" she asked slowly, her smile growing. I laughed a but and gestured towards the other controller.

"Go for it."

Red and I played for maybe another hour, and we both couldn't stop laughing at everything. One of those times were everything's funny no matter what. Eventually we had to pause the game so we could breathe and wipe our tears.
"..Having fun..?" Red and I spun around to see Russ standing behind the couch. Red smiled.. And I gave a tiny smile as well. Just.. To be polite.

"Yeah. Would.. You like to join us..? It could relieve some tension." Red said, glancing at me. Russ debated it for a moment before walking over and taking a seat by Red, grabbing a controller and the game continued.

Thirty minutes later and Russ and I were actually getting along. I mean we weren't constantly conversing but we weren't giving each other dirty looks either. It was kind of nice. Until the reality of today's existence sank in when Mark's voice echoed behind us.

"Hey guys, can I have Jund for a sec? Ken and I need the address of your building. We're trying to collect as much as we can to try and get Minx back." he said as I turned to look at him. I sighed and messed around on my controller, dropping out of the game. I left Red and Russ to play while I stood and followed Mark to the kitchen table, where Ken sat scribbling words down on a paper in front of him.

I went ahead and told them the address, and Ken jotted it down. Minx was gone.. Great.. More stress..

I sighed and rubbed the bridge of my nose between two fingers.

"Guys.. I'll be right back." they both nodded and I exited through the back door to the yard behind Felix's place. It was large and quite beautiful.

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