Snake-Jund's P.O.V

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Rewind time to the same time the last chapter started

Finally. We're all settled in this.. New home. And me and Minx have been in our new room almost the entire time we've had it- just talking about all of the hell that's taken place recently. An hour or so into the conversation we paused for a bit before she suddenly came over and sat on my bed with me, crossed her legs and leaned her head in her hands.

"so. Jund. Tell me... Gotta thing for Snake, do we~?" she said, wiggling her eyebrows again.

I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"Minx. Look. If it's not obvious at this point I AM bi and all but not once have I looked at Snake with any form of affection. I didn't even know he was the one I was laying on in the truck earlier. I-"

"no no no, I saw you admiring him at least once when we were leaving YouTube, don't lie. Besides, you have to admit, you felt some small something when you found out it was him in the truck and him who saved you." she said, cutting me off before I could continue racking my brain for more facts.

She had a point. I did admire him back at YouTube. But all I felt in the truck was emberassment. Maybe the saving thing was kinda cute, but I mean they did come there to save me in the first place, right?

Wow. I think I just fully processed this. Cry, Red and Snake all came back to that terrible place..  Just to save me. Someone they've one known for.. What.. A few weeks? Not even.

That's.. Amazing.

I jumped off the bed and Minx grabbed my shirt.

"hey, where are you going??"

"I have to go thank Red and Cry and Snake!" I said,  a little too excitedly for my own liking, as I wiggled out of Minx's grasp and out the door.

When I passed by Russ and Reds room I decided to save that one for last. It was really quiet in there too. But I did hear a groan coming from downstairs that sounded like Cry, so I made my way there.

I failed to remember that I had just woken up from being knocked upside the head with a crowbar and yes, my head did still hurt tremendously.. And by the time I was halfway down the staircase, I guess I fainted again. Because my world was once again encased in black just as I hit the ground with a pretty hard thud.

---flashback while Junds out cold again but in Cry's POV because I'm bad at third person lul------

"I told you not to get involved with them." Spoon said, swinging the crowbar at Jund and easily knocking him out. At this point I was hiding behind Minx for dear life, who whispered to me mere moments before that she promised to keep me from harm. And I guess it was this moment that I realised how serious we all were about each other..  How much we cared. Because not only were Minx and Russ enraged by the sight of both Red and Jund out cold, but apparently so was Snake.

You know how we always go on about how Snake doesn't show much emotion? Well if his ententions were to hide them while at YouTube, he did a bad job. Because not even five seconds after Jund hit the ground, Snake punched the living hell out of Spoon. Spoon dropped the crow bar and almost threw a punch back but Snake was fast, for such a built man. He quickly grabbed Spoons shirt and punched him again, right on the bridge of his nose and I could almost FEEL the cracking sound it made. One more swift hit to the gut and Snake dropped Spoon, who fell to the ground clutching his stomach and his nose, coughing uncontrollably. It was a damn good sight. Although Felix and Mark looked horrified, I was highly pleased. I ran past Minx and gave Spoon a kick to the crotch, laughing maniachly.

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