Glass and Ceramic

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Black. It surrounded me. It engulfed- wait, hasn't this happened before? Why the hell do I keep getting knocked out?? This time it hurt more.. My head was sore in the same place it was before, just worse.. Theirs no way in hell I'm opening my eyes..

And yet, just as I tell myself I'm not opening my eyes, I'm an idiot and I open them. But.. I can't see anything. I don't think this is how eyes work. I looked around me and saw nothingness. Nothing but a bit of light peeking through the bottom of my vision. Now that I concentrate on it.. Am I wearing a mask of some kind..?

Cry's P.O.V (surprise!)

"Where the hell is it?! I specifically remember only having it off when I was in there with Dave!" I yelled at the group of people sitting in the living room. My back turned to them and my hand outstretched behind me, waiting for someone to put my beloved mask in my hands. They all seemed more out of it than usual. It just pissed me off more.

"Fine. Fuck you guys." I said sternly.

I heard shuffling behind me and Minx finally spoke up. "We don't have your mask Cry. Nobody has it."

"WELL NOBODY BETTER FUCKING GIVE IT BACK." I snapped back. I wanted to retreat to my room but In the blind Derp race called rage I found my way into Snakes room. He lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling. I sighed. He looked over at me and I flinched, but didn't hide. He's the only other one that has seen the horror called my face.

"Cry. Where's your mask?" He said bluntly. Never was a sugar-coating man.

I sighed and shrugged. "Good question. Nobody has it apparently."

He looked up at the ceiling again, completely dropping the topic. I walked over to his mirror and slowly looked up at myself.


"Stop this, Spoon. Just let us out!" Red yelled. Spoon stood with his crowbar in hand, staring daggers into me, Red and Snake. Moment earlier we were halfway out the window on the second story. We couldn't take this anymore. I gathered up Snake and Red to leave with me. I'd grown closest to these people. I wanted to get My beloved Felix but I couldn't find him in time..

Snake was the first to make a move. He pushed me and Red out of the way, perhaps trying to sacrifice himself.. But Spoon easily pushed past him and jumped on me. I struggled for a while... Trying to worm my way out of Beneath him. But soon enough he was sitting on my chest with his crowbar raised above his head. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Snake shielding Red's eyes while they were both held back by one of spoons henchmen. And on the other side of the room Felix and Ken broke through the door. Felix looked at me just in time to watch spoon take the first swing at my face. I screamed as his crowbar collided with my left eye. Blood splattered on his arms and body. But still he took another swing, and again, at my left eye and I screamed in pain again. I knew I was crying. But I couldn't tell the tears from the blood from the ocular fluid.((Cry reads reference anyone?))

When I braced for another impact and none came, I opened my other eye and watched Ken lift Spoon off my chest. The horrified look on his face said it all. Snake and Red were released and Spoons henchmen dragged an enraged Spoon out of the room. The full pain of my eye being blocked by the shock written all over my face. I didn't snap back into reality until Felix was sitting beside me, violently shaking my shoulders and staring at me wide eyed.

"Cry! Please be okay! Please don't die! You're going to be okay! Please!" He frantically yelled. Or at least I think he was yelling. He looked like he was but all the hearing in my left ear was just a constant ringing. He stood and lifted me off the ground with him, carrying me bridal style out of the room. I passed out shortly after whispering an "I love you, Felix".

Flashback end~~~

"I woke up in the hospital a week later..." I whispered. Had I been speaking out loud this whole time..?

I heard a faint laugh behind me. "You tell me this story every time you're in here. And whoever that boy was in the apartment earlier... I bet he was curious. And you told him some lie that we got out Scott-free." Snake said. ((Hehe Scott, get it?))

I sighed. "I know... I had too.."
I stared at my face in the mirror. I wasn't even concerned about how Snake knew of Jund, but then again, Snake knows everything. Somehow the doctors had managed to replace my left eye with a blind one, so that eye was clouded over with a grey color. Scars surrounding my eye made it look like I was a shattered porcelain doll. My ear and half of my lips cracked an mangled. On the other hand, the other half of my face was untouched. Smooth skin and a solid green eye. Normal plump lips and my hearing in my right ear was perfect. If I covered that side of my face with my hand, my left side looked insane. And that's why I started wearing the mask. People were scared of me. I was a threat. A mutilated nightmare. A living hell. Nobody wanted this side of my face staring into their soul every time I glanced their way. Snake made me the mask as a present, make from solid white glass and ceramic. Surprisingly it wasn't too heavy either. And nobody has seen my healed face but Snake and Dave. Not even Red. And I plan to keep it that way. Forever.

Jund's P.O.V

The mask that was once shielding my eyes from the burning light was ripped from my face. Literally ripped. Something on the back of my head dried the string onto me and it had to be ripped off. Blood, maybe?

My hands and feet were tied to the chair I was sitting in, and after blinking for several seconds trying to get used to the light, I finally got a good look at the mask lying on the ground at my feet.

Cry's mask.

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