Sin City-Junds P.O.V

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I retreated to my room for the night... I didn't know what else to do. After my conversation with cry and my painfully awkward eye contact with the man that I nearly kissed just a while back, I'm ready to sleep for the night.

So I drudged my way back into my room, avoided all conversation with whoever was still up and about, and went into my room. Luckily for me I was alone, so I quickly changed into some pajama pants and left my chest bare, collapsed onto my wonderfully comfy bed and went right to sleep.


Both P.O.V's

I couldn't help it
No matter how hard I tried not too, I still dreamt of him last night. It wasn't a bad dream, it was quite nice. I wish we weren't awkwardly distant at the moment. Or I'd tell him.
I can fix this.


Back to Jund P.O.V

I woke up to a light shaking on my arm. Slowly and with as little pain as I could From The morning light, I opened my eyes and looked to find the source of the movement. Sitting on the side of my bed was Minx.

"morning sleepy head. Cry tells me you two made some plans for today and he wants you and him to tell everyone. So hurry up and get dressed and come downstairs alright?" she said surprisingly quietly and gave me a light smile, before getting up and exiting the room.

That's.. The calmest awakening I've had so far. She's acting odd..

Anyway, I took a moment to myself to stretch, check my phone really quick to see if anyone cared enough about me to text. Naturally, nothing. So I got up slowly, stretched once more and made my way to the closet, picking out a simple pair of grey skinny(ish) jeans and a dark blue t-shirt, and got dressed.

After all that morning stuff I took my time making my way to the table downstairs, were Minx, Red and Russ, Mark and Cry. And in the living room sat on the couch and floor were Felix, Ken and Snake. I looked away from them as soon as they caught my eye. I want to avoid any more awkward eye contact.

I walked up to Cry and have him a smile. He smiled back cheerfully.

"ah, good morning there friend. Sleep well? You remember our possible plans for today yes?" he chirped, putting a hand on my shoulder.

I nodded. "yes, and indeed I do." my smile widened just a bit, and at that moment I noticed he was wearing his mask. And.. Felix is across the room instead of by his side. I hope they're alright.

"wonderful. So, everyone, Scotty boy here and I have made some great plans for today. It's been a stressful week for us all and I for one think we deserve a break." Cry announced, looking at people around the room. the only person who's attention he didn't catch, was Felix's..

"I second that." Red said, smiling at Russ.

"so what are these glorious plans you speak so highly of good sir?" Mark said in his fanciest gentlenan voice.

Cry let out a chuckle, and responded in his own fancy gent voice.

"well I do believe we have some travelling to do my good people. Our buddy Jund here has decided to introduce us to his oh so classy roof top and give us all a place to rest. Afterwards I will make it my treat to serve us all a fabulous dinner at Denny's, the fanciest of all restaurants." Cry said, putting a finger in the middle of his mask and pretending to push it up into place like someone would with glasses. Mark just laughed, along with a chuckle from others.

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