Too Much Pain-Cry's P.O.V

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After spending quite a few quiet, near silent hours on Junds sacred rooftop, we all decided that sunset was the signal to get going. Especially after Spoons little.. Message.

One by one everyone decended the ladder, and I was the last down. When I noticed everyone was abnormally quiet, I looked up at the group of friends. They were all frozen still and blocking my view, but not my hearing.

From the opposite side of them, I heard a gun cocking. I froze.

I didn't know what to do. Was it a robber? Who would rob a group this big? With this many people?

I snuck slowly through the group of people and peered ahead.

Of course. I'm smarter than that. Of course it was Spoon. He really did know where we were..

"Pewdiepie and Cry. That's all I want." he said slowly. Our little group of friends all gave each other looks, before Felix and I were slowly eased towards the back of the group and everyone stood in front of us. Felix grabbed my hand.

Out of the corner of my eye, Felix looked scared. But I wasn't scared anymore. No. My emotions were beyond that. I don't know what kind of stupidity overcame me in that moment but I was taking no more bullshit.

I pushed through the group of friends, regardless of their attemptd to hold me back. Then I walked right up to Spoon. I grabbed the gun in his hand and shoved it to the side.

"what the fuck is wrong with you. What gives you the right... No... Who gave you the right to control my life.. Our lives.. Like you have anything to do with us at all?!" I yelled.. Nearly screamed. Years of repressed anger towards this man. It was coming out, and showing no signs of stopping.

"nobody fucking told you this was okay. This is all in your sick fucking head." suddenly a feeling grew in the pit of my stomach. I wanted to scream, to hit him, to steal that gun and shoot him.

The angry expression on my face grew.

Spoon just chuckled a venomous laugh.

"this may all be my fucked up head.. But you're just lucky enough to get stuck in my nightmare." he said. It didn't even send a chill through me. What did, however, we're the actions that took place right after.

Spoon pointed the gun at my head. No.. Pressed the gun to my head. Right against my temple, on the side of my face that he's fucked up once already before. I froze.

He laughed.

I heard nothing behind me. Nobody dared to make a move.

"Ive already made such wonderful work of this side of your face. Why not add on to it? " he said lowly. My heart stopped.

Just then I realised that a certain familiar feeling was missing.

Fuck. My mask.

I left it on the roof... I forgot to grab it before we came down. Spoon must have seen me glance at the rooftop because he smiled and laughed.

"missing something?" he just smiled more. I growled.

Just before I could make any moves, there was movement behind me. Someone grabbed my shirt and yanked me back, then stepping in front of me, was Felix. I wanted to grab him too, to tell him to stop, but it was too late.

Felix swung at Spoon, luckily nailing a punch at his jaw. Spoons face afterwards though... Sent shivers down my spine. Spoon grabbed Felix's arm and spun him around, pinning his arm behind his back and putting the gun to his throat.

I stopped moving. Everyone did.

"Cry. If you refuse to follow me, I'll shoot. If you come with me, you both may live another day. Choice is yours." spoon smiled again. He made me want to throw up.

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