YouTube... Again.

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Jund's P.O.V

" And.. yeah. I guess that's why I'm here." I sighed, finally finishing what seemed to be my life story, all the way up to my interrupting Spoons little torture session with Cry. I didn't really plan to explain this much to them but hey. I trust these guys. Regardless of whether or not I met them in a dungeon, I still trust them.

"Damn.. that seems like a lot to do for a man you just met. However, if I could've just done something for Cry when I had the chance.." Ken sighed as well and looked down.

"What do you mean, 'done something'?" I asked. "He told me he got out of here no problem."

Kens head almost snapped when he suddenly looked up at me again. "What? no no, that's not it at all... Spoon caught him on the way out I think.. I don't know, I didn't break in with Felix until.." He trailed off.

"until..?" I admit, I was edging him on a bit. I wanted to know.

"Until.. Spoon was sitting on Cry's chest and.. repeatedly bashing on his face with a crow bar.." He almost whispered.

My heart almost stopped. That must be why he wears the mask.. does his face really look that bad? No way such an amazing voice belongs to something like that.

My mind started to wander to places I used to block out. But before I came up with much of anything to scar my image of him forever, something happened.

Suddenly a door behind me opened and light filled the room. My first instinct was to look at the two other men in the dungeon with me, so I did. Both Mark and Ken's faces were filled with fear... and I shrunk back a bit. The features of their faces weren't anything new of course, seeing as I was subscribed to both of them on YouTube for over a year now. However, the fear was a sight I wanted to see nothing more off.

"Scott Jund."

An unfermiliar voice called from behind me. I turned my head as best I could to make out a taller, possibly slightly built man wearing a simple black t-shirt with a YouTube logo on it, and black jeans. He had stubble growing along his jaw and his hair was short, almost like a buzz cut in need of trimming. A name tag on his shirt read- "Nova" and in smaller print beneath it- "Uberhaxornova".

"Um... yes?" I managed to call back after a moment or two.

"Follow me." He said sternly, soon after walking up to me and swiftly untying me from my chair. I stood up and stretched, rubbing my wrists. Before following nova out of the room I glanced at my newfound friends and returned their envious, heartbroken faces with a sympathetic, apologetic one.

In my head, I swore to them,
'I will come Back for you. I will save you. I will take you away. You can count on me.'

Cry's P.O.V

"Do you have everything?" Red questioned, looking around our apartments living room at everyone. I patted my phone in my left pocket, my switchblade in my right, and just in case, my phone charger wrapped up in my back pocket as well.

Everyone, including myself, nodded and Red sighed.

"Okay... let's go get our friend back." She said with a certain tone of voice I couldn't place. It was like anger, fear and determination all at once... I guess I'm not the only one scared to go back...

Red walked over to the door and held it open for us all. I was the last to exit. I stood for a minuet, making eye contact with her.

"were going to be okay... Right?" I asked slowly.

She sighed. "of course. Let's go. " she nudged me out of the door way, closing and locking the door behind us.

This was going to be one hell of a rescue mission.


This is an incredibly short chapter and I am incredibly sorry for how incredibly long it took to get this out FORGIVEMEPLEASE

also them ship's will be coming into play very soon!!



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