Mark and Ken

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Jund's P.O.V

Cry's mask.

How? It was in the room with him and Dave the whole time, yes? No way Spoon could have gotten in there and gotten the mask out without causing some sort of a disturbance between the two. Unless they were too caught up in their singing to notice.. In fact, we were all caught up in their singing... Still, no way in hell it's possible.

Suddenly a groan snapped me out of my daze. My head snapped to the upper right corner of the room I was in, and I could see a single light shining on a silhouette of another man tied to a chair. I couldn't tell what his face looked like nor what he wore, only that I could make out some sort of a bear hat on his head. I feel like I've seen this man before.. Yeah...

"Ken... Cinnamontoastken? I think.." I said loud enough for the both of us to hear. He was only a few feet away.

"Yes.. I Remember you.. In the YouTube gaming section. You played with Pewdiepie alot.." I whispered.

"And cry.." I heard him whisper back now. "Cryaotic.. My friend... " an almost chuckle escaped his lips. "So.. Scott Jund.. What did you do? To get down here with us..?" He said louder, looking up at me.

"Us..?" I questioned. He gave a simple nod to the other side of the room where their was another single light shining on a more built man in a chair. I could see him a bit clearer. The glint of his glasses and the way his black hair swept down his forehead, like it hasn't been washed in a while. I wonder how long they've been down here..

The other man chuckled a bit. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." The raspyness of his tired voice brought me to the realization that I was staring.

"Mark. Er, Markiplier to some. I would shake your hand, but, y'know." He tugged on his arms tied behind his back.

My head turned back to Ken. "I know what you're thinking. How long have we been down here? How do we maintain YouTube channels in a dungeon maybe? Simple. Theirs a room next door. One corner covered in soundproofing equipment and such, one corner a green screen, whatever it is Spoon needs to simulate our usual recording backgrounds. He sends us in, we record some videos to set him up for the week. I've been sent down here for a year. I'm about halfway through my time. Mark here was sent for about six months himself. What did you do to get yourself down here?" He questioned so simply.

What the hell kind of a corporation is this place...? What is Spoon thinking?! Treating these people like nothing when they themselves are loved by so many it would kill them to know what is happening on the other side of the computer screen...

"Jund? So? What happened? Why are you here?" Mark questioned.

I sighed. "Well..."

Cry's P.O.V

" 'Cry
Want your mask?
Meet me at YouTube.
Don't expect to see Jund back here again. Or ever for that matter.
I read out loud to the group standing in front of me. Well, in front of Dave, who was blocking everyone from seeing my face. We had gone to Jund's place to see if he had anything to do with my missing mask and when we found almost all of his apartment empty, but a note lying in a pool of blood on the floor of an untouched bedroom, it's obvious something was up.

I didn't have to see the crews faces to know they were worried. I caught a glimpse of Red's face when she wasn't looking my way and she was almost distraught. They'd all grown so attached to Jund and I don't blame them. He's an amazing man and I'm proud to have met him. But..

"I'm not going back. Fuck that shit. Jund is a great man but I'm not about to risk my freedom. We made it out of YouTube successfully and I vowed to never set foot in that horrid place again." I spoke suddenly, breaking the silence.

"Cry. I understand your connection with YouTube.. But we can't just leave him there..." Red quietly replied. "And besides... What if you get to see Feli-"

"NO! I'm not going back! You can't change my mind." I yelled. I love Felix with all my heart but their is no way I'm Going back. Not for Jund, not for Felix... Well... Maybe Felix...

"Cry. Think about what you're saying man. You're willing to give up your boyfriend and your friend just because of some stupid powerless man with a crowbar?" Red spoke again.

"He's not powerless. He's not just some stupid man. That's not how this works, red. We don't go into YouTube, break some faces and expect to get out with Felix in one arm and Jund in the other. We're not go-"

"We're going." I was suddenly interrupted. And that wasn't Red's voice. That voice is unmistakable. That was Snake.

"..snake..? When did you get her-"

"We're going. No but's. be a man, Cry." He cut me off again. Damn these people can I get a fuckin sentence out?

I sighed. I honestly hate YouTube with every fiber of my being. But the more I think about holding Felix in my arms.. Hearing his beautiful voice whisper my name.. Just being in his presence.. I miss it.. So much..

"Fine. Fuck it. But I'm NOT going like this. I need something. For my face." I growled.

"Already settled." Snake spoke again, stepping between Dave and I, looking over me and holding out a black scarf.

I sent him a questioning look before he began to tightly wrap the scarf around my head. He finished it off by tying a knot on the back of my head, leaving a hole for my good eye. The breathing was a bit stuffy but I can handle it. Now...

I groaned. "How the fuck are we planning to get to YouTube in a day.?"

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