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Leaving Red with Minx and Russ to look after her, I led Cry through the mess of our apartment complex until we came across mine. Luckily it was on the same side of the street. I couldn't help but feel bad about what happened on the way here, though...

"What's that funny looking thing doing on your face, sir?" The soft features of a young girl stared up at Cry's masked face. She had a valid question but I wouldn't dare ask that myself. It almost made my heart sink when his posture dropped and he brushed her off like she was nothing but a little girl in someone else's business. For the rest of the walk he dragged behind me a couple feet and I allowed him his distance.

When we approached my door he caught up with me and I looked at him. He was the one to speak first, though.

"Hey.. Sorry for my distance these past few minuets. My minds clouded with Spoons intolerable actions earlier.." He sighed.

I put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a smile. "It's okay, friend."

He laughed. "You stole my line!" He retorted back and that caused a fit of laughter from me. I shook my head and opened the door to my place, motioning for him to make his way inside.

As I mentioned before, my place was styled a lot like his place. Only mine had one room, and his had what, three? I don't even know.

As Cry walked in I followed and shut the door behind us. He made his way over to my couch and sat himself down, me taking my place in a small chair directly across from him. Now was the hard part.

"Cry... What did you mean earlier by you and Red used to work for Spoon?"

A deep sigh escaped his lips.

"... Me and Red... We're best friends for a long time.. We had decided we wanted to start YouTube channels. Mine grew a lot faster than hers, but eventually we both got a partnership with YouTube. They told us to come in to the actual YouTube building that weekend and have a talk with the main man. Well, we did, and that's when we met Spoon. He was the runner of that evil place... And he told us to make a specific amount of money each day. Well I for one didn't always have time to make a video.. And the further and further along my debt got, I ended up dragging Red down with me... YouTube is an evil place, Jund... All they want is money and fame. And people are stupid enough to give it to them... Anyway, me, Red and- uh.. I mean me and Red, we snuck out of the place... Deleted our channels and never payed up the last of our debt. Now Spoon is after us.. I don't see why though... If anyone should be the main man in YouTube it should be... Felix.." The name came out of his mouth in almost a whisper.

"Felix..?" I questioned back.

He nodded. "You may know him as Pewdiepie...?"

I smiled a bit and nodded also. "Oh, him! I love him! He's so funny sometimes."

He smiled half-heartedly and looked down at his lap, his short, choppy brown hair falling in bits over my view of his mask. I sighed and stood, deciding it was best to drop the subject of Felix. Obviously he meant something more to Cry.

"Listen, Cry.. I can't understand what it is about you but I feel like I've known you for the longest time and for that? I trust you. I don't want anything to happen to you or Red or Minx or Russ."

He lifted his head and his posture straightened up a bit. "Thank you then, friend."

I smiled slightly. "You and your friends are welcome to come seek refuge in my house anytime."

He laughed a bit and nodded in return. "Thank you."

He held his hand out and I shook it. For the next twenty minuets or so we talked on and on about random things. He almost seemed to forget all about his situation. I learned his group of friends had been together for a long time. They hardly go out unless its at night, and everyone calls them "the Late Night Crew". Sounds pretty badass.

I checked my watch an saw it was about 8 pm, so Cry and I ventured back to his place. We checked on Red, who seemed to be asleep with Russ by her side and tightly wrapped in his arms. Minx sat on the couch with headphones blasting music. All seemed to be well. Cry told me he had some business to take care of as I suggested I leave them for the night. But just before I slipped outside into the darkness I watched Cry sneak into the "guest room". I wonder what is in there...

Guess ill never know.

But I walked slowly back home never the less, thinking of all the events that happened today. About Cry's story. Felix... now that I remember all of the features of his face.. isn't that the boy in the photo on Cry's desk..? Man, It seemed like just yesterday I was sitting on my usual rooftop, smoking a...

And as soon as the thought ran through my mind I reached into my pocket and pulled out another cancer stick. I know these things are bad for me but oh well. I lit it up and smoked it by the time I got back to my apartment.

My... Empty apartment?! Window broken, door open, electronics gone... Why?!

On the couch was a piece of paper with few words scribbled on it.

"Don't interfere with my business next time.

Shit... What have I gotten myself into...

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