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Little One «Septiplier» by Emo_Cat31
Little One «Septiplier»by ♡Joshler♡
Jack is a little who is looking for a daddy to take care of him. He goes onto a website called "Little ones" and starts looking for his dream daddy. All His fr...
  • fanfic
  • ddlb
  • markiplier
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YouTube ships ONE SHOTS /finished/ by I_AM_CHEESE
YouTube ships ONE SHOTS /finished/by Garfield 😎😎
/finished/ Yo It's NOT A BOY CHEESE I'm doing ONE SHOTS BOOOOI I requests Ships down there H2ovanoss Even tho I no longer like minicat, sure Septiplier Pewdiecry Daith...
  • terrodenogla
  • h2ovanoss
  • terrosnuckel
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Abuser-Septiplier by lonely_writer6
Abuser-Septiplierby confused writer
jack lives with an abusive father and falls for a certain red headed boy. mark just wants to rescue jack. shy!jack jock!mark please read: hello! so, i wrote this fic qui...
  • maybedaddykink
  • janiel
  • phil
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50 Shades Of GAAAAAY! by SmolTsukki
50 Shades Of GAAAAAY!by Emam
*intense gayness may cause excessive nose bleeds.* ((I update on a whim. Yup)) **I plan on posting at least 50 parts before I even think about leaving Wattpad. Enjoy.
  • asanoya
  • kagehina
  • angstyfluff
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YouTube One-Shots (Book 1) by faythyloo
YouTube One-Shots (Book 1)by faythyloo
YouTube Ships in this One-Shot book: Septiplier H2OVanoss Minicat Terrornuckel Brohm OhmSnuckel DaithideCalibre Phan PewdieCry Vanoo Poly!BBS Vancat H2OBrOhmToonz DeliTo...
  • bbs
  • poly
  • brohm
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YouTuber Tickle One-Shots by Skyethecookie
YouTuber Tickle One-Shotsby Skyethecookie
From Septiplier to Pewdiecry, from Pewdieplier to Danti, from Tythan to Crankiplier, all the YouTuber ships are here! But I'm gonna need you guys to help me along. Comme...
  • danti
  • pewdieplier
  • crankiplier
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The Wolf Inside {Septiplier} {EDITING} by TheSepticCookie
The Wolf Inside {Septiplier} { Lizzie
Mark Edward Fischbach was born as a wolf, and so was Sean or Jack William Loughlin. They both have to keep their wolf secret a well secret! Then Mark and His sister Brid...
  • melix
  • pewdiepie
  • septiplier
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camp hybrid by nekofangirl3
camp hybridby I'm pan with a tan
summer camp, hybrids , and septiplier what more do you need to know?
  • boyxboy
  • pewdiecry
  • tythan
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Pewdiecry smut one shots by jay_writes_fanfic108
Pewdiecry smut one shotsby jay_writes_fanfic108
There will be a few that r just fluff for u not so sinners out there 😂 I will be switching the dom and sub it all depends on the story (most will be bottom cry and Dom...
  • jacksepticeye
  • gayness
  • septiplier
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Septiplier~ Secret by Emmily519
Septiplier~ Secretby Emma
Jack was being picked on due to his sexuality, little did he know his football star crush was soon going to be more than just his bully. They spark a relationship after...
  • marksepticeye
  • septiplier
  • youtube
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Notice Me Senpai (#Wattys2016) by FnafstuffandJeremike
Notice Me Senpai (#Wattys2016)by NatixCipher
Mark always had an eye for Jack, but all the other girls, (and guys), wanted him. Mark only knew one way to get Jack. And that was by killing. *This is a Yandere Simulat...
  • cory
  • jacksepticeye
  • wattys2016
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YouTube One-Shots (Book 2) by faythyloo
YouTube One-Shots (Book 2)by faythyloo
Heyo! I didnt realize there was a limit to parts on these books, so I have reached that limit on the first one. The one-shots will be continued on here. Don't worry, the...
  • brohm
  • vantoonz
  • terrornuckel
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I'm only human by emomarionette
I'm only humanby Puppet
"I can't do this!" "You must it's the only way!" "I'm only human I can't do it!" -------------------- Evan Fong and his two 'brother' , C...
  • vanlirious
  • h2ovanoss
  • batcoon
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Youtuber mpreg one-shots requests open by AngelaSquero
Youtuber mpreg one-shots Bisexualbitch_666
Hey basically what the title says a bunch of fanfic mpregs pew die cry, SEPTIPLIER, Phan anything and I'm looking for suggestions
  • youtubers
  • pewdiecry
  • cryaotic
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Smutty Oneshots by molavia
Smutty Oneshotsby Johnny Bravo
These are only little smutty oneshots. I write those, when I'm bored and none of my Smut RP partner are writing back right now. It's really just raw M/M smut. I will pu...
  • pewdiecry
  • mark
  • lemon
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PewdieCry fluff by LunaEclypse
PewdieCry fluffby Luna Justine
fluff, pewdiecry, i think this stands for itself.
  • fluff
  • pewdiepie
  • pewdiecry
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I'm just a human (H20vanoss) (discontinuing) by emomarionette
I'm just a human (H20vanoss) ( Puppet
Evan is attending a school but not any school a school for humans and creatures you see Evan world is full of these creature and monsters. Both deadly and sweet, and goi...
  • magic
  • monster
  • bottomevan
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September - A PewdieCry fanfiction by sakuraintherain
September - A PewdieCry fanfictionby Sakura
In September 2011, when Felix had recently started to date Marzia, his friend Cry invites him over to Florida. The time they spent together is unforgettable...
  • pewdiepiexcryaotic
  • pewdiepiefanfiction
  • pewdiepiefanfic
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PewDieCry: PewDiePie, Cry, and....Love?! by Cryaotic_FTW
PewDieCry: PewDiePie, Cry, Feather
PewDiePie is Cry's best friend, and he has been for years. But for some reason, they feel....different about each other. Marzia has just broke up with Felix, and Cry is...
  • pewdiepie
  • cryaotic
  • pewdiecry
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Our Love Story (Sequel To Written In Ink) by AntiTheKiller
Our Love Story (Sequel To Friendly Psycho
sequel to Written in ink.
  • fantisy
  • pewdiecry
  • septiplier