I Am Sp00n

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After being rudely awoken from my dazed and relaxed state, I painfully stood up and made my way across the room. Opening it just a crack, I peeked out the door, and the scene playing ahead of me came as a bit of a shock.

A tall man with wavy brown hair held Cry up against the wall by his neck. Instinct washed over me and I threw the door open, bounding across the room and knocking the man out of Cry's presence. Both the man and Cry hit the floor with a thud, Cry clutching his neck gasping for air and the man starting daggers into me. I instantaneously regret ever getting up from the bed.

Cry was a newfound friend and I had the need to protect his cute little face okay what do you want from me?

I stood between the man and Cry, my back shading the choking cry from the world ahead. It was then I looked around the room and noticed Russ and Minx nowhere to be seen and Red crouching in the corner, her shaking hands covering the blood red stain in her side. My eyes flickered back to the man, who now stood an inch away from me. Something cold and sharp lightly touched my neck and I froze. I know a blade when I feel one. I locked eyes with the man in front of me.

"And who are you supposed to be?" He spat at me. I could almost feel the venom in his voice.

I stayed silent, which seemed to piss him off. Oops.

Just before he spoke again, I felt a strong arm slowly snake around my stomach and yank me back. I hit the wall suddenly and Cry stepped in front of me. Damn, the boys got some courage.

"Leave him alone, Spoon." Cry said, his arm outstretching across my chest and he held me back against the wall.

Spoon? Cry? Red? Such odd names. I didn't question it though. I was more concerned about what Red was even doing... And if she was okay. Suddenly I remembered what I carry with me almost all the time. And my hand shot down to my back pocket, where I pulled out and flipped open the small pocket knife, keeping it hidden behind my leg.

To his luck, Spoon growled and took a step back.

" I'll be coming back for my money later." He snarled at Cry, turning and walking halfway out the doorway before taking one last glance at me. I glared straight back at him as he slammed the door to the apartment, blocking my vision of him out.

Cry and me took a sigh of relief. Suddenly I became angry again. Just as Cry's arm returned to his side I stepped in front of him.

"What the absolute fuck was that?!" I yelled, gesturing to the door.

He seemed to take a small step back. "Oh, heheh that..? That was Spoon..." He said, almost way to casually for my liking.

" yeah no shit. He almost killed the both of us!!" I yelled. My eyes flickered to Red. "And what the fuck happened to her!"

I ran over to Red, crouching next to her and gently taking her blood-covered hand and moving it away from her wound. It was clearly I stab wound. It went deep into her side and I shivered at the sight. This apartment was way crazier than I thought and I know it wasn't my place to do what I didn't next, but I did it anyways.

I gently lifted Red up bridal-style and instructed her to point to her room. She complied and pointed at a door in the corner of the apartment. I carried her over and hit the door open with my hip, noticing Minx cowering under the covers in a bed across the room from another vacant bed. I shook my head and walked over to the vacant one, slowly laying Red down and I couldn't help but notice the grimace on her face.

I shook my head once again. The hell was going on in this place??

With a few swift motions I was out of the girls's room and in front of Cry again.

"Explain yourself." I spoke calmly, noticing how violently Cry was now shaking.

When he didn't talk for almost a minuet I did what I haven't done in a long time, and pulled him into a hug. Surprisingly, it almost made my heart flutter when he hugged back so easily and buried his masked face into my shoulder.

"S-Spoon... He's been a-after us for so long... Me and red used to work for him... A-and we owe him a lot of m-money that we can't repay..." He stuttered into my shoulder, so quietly he was hardly audible.

I looked down and slowly pulled Cry away from my shoulder, looking into the circle eyes of the poker faced mask.

"Hey.. Listen. You're gonna be fine, okay? I don't understand everything and I don't have to.. I mean hell I hardly know you.. How did I get myself into this mess..." I mumbled, trailing off into my thoughts.

A minuet or so later Cry pulled himself out of the hug, composing himself and turning to look at the doors of the girls's room and I'm assuming his and Russ's room.

And I swear I'm fucking insane for doing this, but...

"Cry.. Would you like to come by my place for a while..? I think everyone just needs a break from everything for a bit..." I said quietly. His head snapped to look at me and his posture brightened.

"Sure, friend... That would be great." I could hear the smile in his voice. I made me smile as well.

And once again, i wondered..

how the hell did I get myself into this mess...


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