Savior-Jund's P.O.V

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After walking with Nova for quite some time, I was sat outside of Spoons office while to my understanding, Spoon, Nova and Pewdiepie were in. My mind racing through so many things at a mile a minuet.

I'm going to live right?
Pewdiepie is in the room I'm in front of.
If only cry could be here.
I need to go back for Mark and Ken later

And many minuets and thoughts later, Spoon and Nova stepped out of the room and beckoned me to follow.

Again with the walking.

I ended up having to wait for like thirty minuets inside of another room before I heard someones yelling echoing down the hall and Spoon excused himself to go "deal with it", telling Nova to lead me back into the room when he was ready.

An hour I had to wait for this lazy fucker.

And here I am, one hour later standing and stretching and about to make my way back. The door opened and in came Mark and Ken with pewdie trailing behind. Mark and Ken and I shared sympathetic/worried looks for each other and I think Felix was in his own little world.. He looked like he has been crying or something. And he was just staring at the floor with his hands in his pockets.

And as Nova led me out the room, I noticed Pewdie look at Ken and say something inaudible. Kens eyes widened and he shook his head. The only word I heard him say was,

"dead...? "

And then my view of them was cut off by the door slamming in my face.

Nova led me down the hall and back into the hall that led to the "room". Aka the iron door of hell. But as I made my way closer..

"are you, are you, coming to the tree..  Where I told you to run so we would both be free.. " a muffled but familliar voice was heard on the other side of the door.

I'd know that voice anywhere.

I ran up to the door and Nova opened it and shoved me inside, my clumsy self automatically tripping over the group of people crowded at the door. I fell and hit the floor with a dull thud and groaned. The voice stopped singing and gentle hands grabbed my arms and began to help me to my feet. The first face I was met with was Red. And holding my other arm was Minx. They smiled silently at me and I smiled back. The door slammed behind me and I looked back, seeing Cry sitting on the floor with his back against the door, looking at his hands laying in his lap. Russ seated in front of him saying nothing.

"Cry..? " Red put a hand on my shoulder and I looked at her. She shook her head and slowly, quietly began explaining everything to me. How they had seen Felix and how he had no clue who Cry was. How Spoon shoved them in here while he had a conversation with "Snake".

"snake.. " I mumbled. "isn't he the man that I saw outside of Cry's room yesterday..? " I said, memories of how he had stopped me from looking into the room that Cry was singing in. Red nodded.

"he came with us. We all came here with the intention of saving you. But Now I'm not so sure Cry can even stand anymore, let alone save anyone, including himself. .." she trailed off.

The next twenty minuets was filled with nothing but Cry quietly humming, lying in the middle of the room. Russ and Red seated by him and Minx and I in the corner, Minx going on about the look she saw in Crys eye when Felix said he didn't know who he was.. The sadness. The way you could hear his heart break a mile away.

Suddenly their was shuffling outside. An unmistakable voice of Spoon yelling at someone. Cry stopped humming and minx stopped talking. Cry sat up and looked at the door, while minx stood and took a step into the spotlight, eyes fixed ahead.

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