Confused. -Cry's P.O.V

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To my complete and utter luck, Felix fell asleep on his bed while he and I were catching up on the past few years. And yes I know I shouldn't sound happy about him falling asleep or something like that but I need my mask.

I ran down the stairs and looked in the kitchen, there stood Snake and Mark making conversation. They gave me an odd look and I just shook my head and went into the living room, and laying on the couch was Jund, staring up at the ceiling.

"um.. Jund? You alright?" I said slowly. He just looked at me.

"absolutely peachy." he mumbled sarcastically, looking up again.

"not gonna ask. Look, do you have any idea where my mask is??" I said, looking around. He rubbed his face and shook his head.

"afraid not friend.. " he said, standing up and walking over to the stairs. I couldn't help but notice Snake take an extra look at him.

"hey.. Cry?" said a sleepy Felix, walking down the steps and brushing past Jund. I smiled as innocently as possible.

"hey. I was just.. Uh... Looking for something." I said oh so smoothly. Felix just shrugged it off and wrapped an arm around my waist, giving me a quick kiss. I smiled.

"Cry?" I heard a voice call my name from the stairway. I looked over and saw Jund peeking his head around the corner.

"can.. I talk to you for a second..?" he said slowly. I nodded.

I smiled at Felix and kissed his cheek. "wait here." I said as he sat on the couch and nodded.

I walked with Jund upstairs, and offered he follow me into mine and Snakes room. Felix offered I share a room with him, but I kind of changed the subject.. I might take it up later.

I sat on the edge of my bed and Jund sat next to me.

"so.. What do you need to talk about?" I said cautiously. He sighed.

"well.. I uh.. Something happened earlier." he said back. I raised an eyebrow.

He filled me in on his whole couch scene with Snake, as well as the little scene just before lunch, and honestly I could hardly contain excitement.

"so then.. Do you like him?" I said one he was done explaining. He just looked down.

"I.. I don't know, I mean I hardly know him.. I mean yeah he's.. Wow.. But I don't know."

So Jund and I spent the next ten minuets or so talking about nothing but Snake. He seemed really interested in the things I told him and I couldn't help but smile at how he lit up at some of the things I said. Then I got an idea.

".. Hey Jund?" I said, looking at him and smiling. He looked back at me.

"hm?" he said casually.

"I think.. We should all go somewhere tomorrow." I said smirking. He looked a little uneasy.

"oh god.. Where..?" he said slowly. I shrugged.

" I dunno. I was thinking about going and spending a while on that rooftop we first met you at. It's got a nice view. I've been up there once before. It would be a nice experiance to officially get to know everyone huh friend?" I continued to smile.

He smiled a little also and shrugged.

"sounds nice.." he said, looking down.

I just smiled.

"go to your room and get some sleep. You look like you need it" I said, giving him a pat on the shoulder. He looked at me and smiled a little also. He nodded.

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