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Heyyyyy.... Just wanna clear some things up

So as I posed this morning's chapter I myself realised that this was indeed intended to be a snund story, so I'm going to be working a lot more on them, no worries.

Also some of you guys made comments on how Russ is an asshole in my story.

I just wanted to clear this up but honestly, I love Russ. He's amazing and I have absolutely nothing against him. It's just I needed an insider "villan" I suppose you could say, who wasn't as dramatic as Spoon. I love Russ as much as I love little Jundus and believe me, that's a lot. ♡

So I just wanted to get those things said. We all clear? (:

Now.. Onto writing next chapter.

Thanks for understanding!


PS... My fanfiction is about to hit 10k views. That is absolutely insane!! I couldn't thank you guys enough.. Truly precious babies. ♡

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