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Chapter Seven - Town 

 Ava's View

We soon left Will alone in his workshop, with a huge thank you for the armour. Sondra had suggested going to find Loki but I'm not talking to him until he gives Will an apology. So, Sondra and I soon found ourselves in the Courtyard, both clad in our armour. I have to say, I looked quite good in mine. I clutched the sword in my right hand, supporting my strong grip with my left. 

Sondra grinned and swung at me and I parried it with ease. We carried on doing this, not maiming or wounding each other at all. I noticed Sif out of the corner of me eye, looking on at the scene from a distance. I ignored her and just carried on duelling with Sondra. 

Our swords clattered against each other for at least half an hour before Loki and Thor arrived at the Courtyard halfway through our duel. I tried my best to ignore their presence but Loki decided that it would be funny to duplicate himself and then grab me from behind. It was his own fault that I almost took his head off with the sword's blade. 

"That was a little too close, don't you think, Ava?" He asked me, holding up a hand to make sure I didn't purposely swing at him this time. 

"You shouldn't have grabbed me and it wouldn't have happened," I said, pointedly. However, Loki had this ridiculous grin on his face and I had no idea why. I wasn't intentionally being funny. 

"I'm sorry about before." He said, lowering his hand as he was quite certain I wasn't about to slice him to pieces.

"It's not me you should be apologising to." 

"I know, I'll apologise to Bespoke later." 

 "You better," I said, as I walked over to the weapons barrel and placed my sword into it. Sondra slipped hers back into its place on her armour's belt. I walked back over to the trio and Loki was still grinning wildly. I walked over to him and jabbed him in the chest with my index finger. His eyes widened for a moment but when he realised I wasn't attacking him, he relaxed. 

"You, are up to something." I said fiercely. Loki just laughed in response. 

"What gives you that idea?" 

"Your stupid bloody smile!" Loki burst into laughter and keeled over with the force. Even Thor, who clearly knew what he was up to, raised an eyebrow at him. Once he recovered, he curled his arm around my waist and the four of us headed towards the town centre. 


All of my previous annoyance with Loki had been quelled as soon as we reached the town. A smile spread to my face as soon as we entered. The floor was paved with shining cobblestones and there were clidren; boys and girls running around, chasing each other around a fountain that stood in the middle of a circular cobbled court. The fountain was large, with a statue of a woman, with an elegant dress and perfect hair in a ballerina-esque position. Clear, sparkling water was spouting form a raised hand and it flowed out into the pool in which she stood. I couldn't help but smile. 

There were houses each one so friendly and cosy. There were stalls, like old fashioned market places, with glittering canopies and oak tables. Each stall sold food, clothes, jewellery and more. Just as I was about to drag Loki over to one of the stalls, a little girl, with long brown hair braided into a plait down her back with little lilac flowerbuds entertwined with strands of hair ran over to Thor and pulled on his scarlet cape. 

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