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Chapter Thirty Four - Welcome Home

Ava's View


"Did you miss me?" Loki asked, his voice low in my ear. 

"What  a stupid question," I stated, and he just laughed as he hugged my body tight to his. 

When I fell out of his embrace, I realised that I had warm tears falling down my cheeks and Loki was stood in front of me. Loki was stood in front of me. Loki. Without even thinking about it, my hand flew up and slapped his small smirk straight off his face. When I heard the connection between the palm of my hand and his face, I gasped a little, but I was still furious with him. Loki stared at me in bewilderment, and he brought his hand up to cradle his face. 

"Wha... What was that for?!" He asked in complete shock. I leaned forward accusingly, narrowing my eyes at him. 

"Don't you ever do that again, Loki. Ever," I snapped, and then I took a deep breath and spoke a little more calmly. "You're okay. You're okay..." I said, and my previous annoyance seemed to ebb away and Loki wrapped his arms around me into another hug. As we hugged this time, the rest of the guests at the banquet erupted into cheers. We jumped from the embrace and turned to look at everyone. I couldn't help but grin. 

Little Mari came running up to us, and she hugged both me and Loki at the same time. Loki laughed, and then picked her up, balancing her on the hip of his uninjured side. I smiled at the two of them and I felt a certain warmth in my chest that I don't think I'd felt before. The other guests were all still cheering and clapping; I even saw Sif crack a small smile. The three of us sat down at the table, me in my previous seat, and Loki in Mari's with Mari sitting on his lap. 

The remainder of the banquet seemed to pass by in a quick blur. Sondra and Will were chattering away all night, between themselves and to the rest of us. Thor was barely able to speak properly he was so intoxicated. Sif and the warriors three laughed and chanted and drank with Thor. Tom was quite reserved, however he did make conversation with everyone. He gave Loki a small nod, and Loki repsectfully returned it. I assumed that neither of them would be at each other's throats now... Or at least I hoped so. 

The banquet went on straight through the night, right until late hours of the morning. I was quite willing and able to stay up until it completely ended, as was Loki, Sondra, Will, definitely Thor... However, Mari wasn't quite up to it. She had fallen asleep on Loki's chest after about an hour or two of his return. 

 We stayed for around another half an hour, and then we both decided that Mari needed to be put to bed. I stood first, and made sure Loki didn't fall whilst carrying Mari. 

"Goodnight guys, don't get too drunk now," I said with a wink. Tom gave me a smile, Thor cheered and held his tankard of mead up to me and Sondra and Will grinned. I then diverted the conversation to those two in particular. "Now, now, no funny business between you two tonight either," I said, wiggling my eyebrows and waving my index finger at them accusingly. Both of them blushed bright scarlet, and Will began to stutter. 

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