A/N: I only made Sif into an enemy because I needed one, and I didn't want to complicate things by introducing lots of new characters at the same time; I have nothing against Sif, just to clear that up :) Anyway, enjoy and have a wonderful day/night love abbiemca x 


Chapter Three - Dinner

Loki led the way through to the Great Hall where we were going to have our dinner. The doors to enter were elaborately decorated with huge swirls of silver on top of the golden base material. Loki pushed them open and held it until we had all stepped through. I kept stumbling on my heels and I had to grab Loki's arm to stop myself from falling flat on my face. He chuckled to himself as I was tripping over my own feet.

"Can I please just take these off?" I moaned, Loki grinned. 

"You would have been able to take them off if you had worn the dress I picked, that way nobody would be able to see your feet now would they?" 

"Shut up," I grumbled, which made Loki laugh. He then spotted Odin and what I was assuming was his mother. Well, not real mother, but you know. 

"I will only be a minute, go and sit down at the table." He said, before releasing himself from my grip on his arm and walking towards his 'parents'. I sighed to myself and attempted walking without his support in the heels. I was doing quite well - for about two steps. Then I  fell straight down and accidentally took the nearest person to me down with me. That person just so happened to be Sif. 

"Ah...sorry," I said, very unconvincingly. She snarled at me. She was wearing a one shoulder silver dress which flowed elegantly across the floor. 

"Are you deliberately trying to annoy me?" She hissed, whilst pulling herself up and dusting her dress down; not offering me any help at all. 

"No...I just fell."

"Why are you on your own anyway? Where's your Loki?" She snarled. I just about managed to pull myself up, wobbling on my heels. 

"I'm not on my own. He's...He's...over..there somewhere," I said, searching the hall for him. Damn you, Loki. 

"Yes. Because that is very convincing," She said, I couldn't help but snarl at her. She smirked before  sweeping away in that shiny dress and seating herself at the long wooden table in the centre of the room. There were at least thirty seats around it, and there was various dishes and food placed upon it. I went to walk, and then began to trip on my shoes again. I cursed under my breath and and pulled the stupid shoes off my feet, holding them by the heels and walking around in bare feet. A few of the other people in the room stared at me as if I was mad but Sondra soon saved me from the looks and sat me down at the table beside her. 

"Why have you taken your shoes off?" 

"Because I can't walk in the damn things." 

"And does Sif having a face like a wet weekend have anything to do with you?"


"What did you do?"

"I pulled her down with me when I fell," I said simply, Sondra burst out laughing and just as she recovered, we realised Sif was sat opposite us. 

"I do not see how that is amusing. Your friend is clumsy and unworthy, Sondra. I do not think this is a laughing matter," She said, flicking her long black hair out of her face. I shot a glare at her from across the table and snapped at her before Sondra had the chance. 

"So, I'm unworthy because I can't walk in heels? How the hell does that work?" I growled. 

 "No. You're unworthy because you act like a peasant." 

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