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A/N: I apologise for the previous chapter. I know it was a bit harsh... but here's a picture of Sondra (Jennifer Lawrence) and a new chapter. I'm not promising that this is much better than the last, but nevertheless enjoy and have a wonderful day/night, love abbiemca x 


Chapter Twenty Two - Recklessness

Third Person View

Ava and Loki had sectioned each other off completely and the whole ordeal had the whole city of Asgard torn into two halves, Loki's and Ava's. Nobody knew the full story, and the whole ordeal had been fabricated thousands of times over now. Only a handful of people knew what actually happened that day, and those were Ava, Thomas, Sif and Sondra. Ava pleaded with everybody who would talk to her about how nobody understood and that she wasn't lying, but after what Loki had said about her lying back on Earth, nobody believed her. 

Sif didn't tell anybody the truth; she didn't particularly like Loki and she definitely did not have any pleasant feelings towards Ava. It wasn't that she was jealous or envious of her, it was more the fact that she felt slightly threatened by her, and she wanted to bring her down before Ava did it to her. 

Thomas didn't tell anybody the truth either, not because he is a bad person, but because Sif had threatened him. He would have easily told the whole world of his humiliation, of his stupidity, and of Ava's blow to his face. Sif had made sure he wouldn't speak a word of the truth. There is only a handful of things that Tom feels dearly about, and the one that Sif chose to put in danger was his little brother. She said, that if Tom was to tell anybody the whole truth, she'd made sure that Will would be no more, and he didn't want that did he? Thomas had agreed grudgingly, no matter what had happened, or how wrong it was to lie about it, he had to put his family first; William was all he had left. 

And as for Loki, he didn't talk to anybody. He had surrounded himself in only books and his four, black bedroom walls, the door locked from the inside. He had read these books thousands of times over, but the story lines were enough to keep his mind away from Ava for a period of time. He didn't eat. He barely slept. He had cordoned himself off from the entire world and he now lived on his own, in his own little bubble. He'd completely given up, and was on the verge of falling into that familiar oblivion of hate, despair and evil. It was unsure as to whether he had slipped off the edge just yet. 

Sondra knew the truth as Ava had shown her using telepathy, however, nobody believed her as she was known for being reckless and extravagant as a person, and her tales were no different. She too, like Ava, would plead her story's truth but they still held no belief in it as Sondra was Ava's best friend; of course they would say the same thing. 

Thor was uncertain as to who to believe, but he leaned towards his brother's side, as he was the one who needed supporting the most. Even though when Thor offered to help, Loki always rejected it. More than once Thor had had to attempt at breaking into Loki's room, to force him to sleep, however Loki would only bind the door with magic and even Mjolnir could not splinter the deep wood. 

Will had heard about the whole thing, and although he didn't know the actual story, as by the time he had heard, it has been twisted and turned many times over. However, he tried to stay on both sides, and stayed civil with both participants. He would occasionally console Ava and although he wouldn't admit it, he greatly welcomed another reason to dislike his brother even further. 

Frigga was, like Thor, unsure of who to believe and she had taken it upon herself to comfort both parties, at first she was completely on her son's side, however, she had taken a strong liking to Ava and her story seemed to be far more believable than Loki's second hand one. She didn't want her son to be unhappy, and she knew that the things she was hearing were not the full story and did not want Loki to lose Ava forever. 

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