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Chapter Eight - Plans and Punishments

Ava's View

When I awoke, I was still in my full clothes, and so was Loki. We were lying longways across the bed, on top of the covers and looking extremely odd and out of place. He had his arms wrapped firmly around me, and I was beginning to wonder how on Earth we were even comfortable. He stirred, but before he woke I managed to remove myself from his grasp and I walked over to my bathroom to take a shower. 

The shower didn't take long but it gave me time to think. I missed my friends dearly, but there was nothing I could do to see them, not until the Bifrost is working anyway; so I managed to shake them from my mind for the time being. Another thing that was still worrying me was Loki's punishment, I know it was months ago but for him to have nightmares like that...surely whatever they had done to him was...inhumane. But technically, these are Asgardians, not humans, maybe they handle pain and punishments differently than we do. 

And I still haven't found out what Loki was up to yesterday; he wasn't doing all of that laughing and smiling for nothing. 

After I had washed myself and my hair, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a white bathrobe, which was hanging on the door, around myself. I quickly ran a brush through my hair to be rid of all the tangles and then towel dried it thoroughly. I made sure the robe was tied tightly with the belt before I walked out of the bathroom; considering Loki was still in my room. I stepped out of the bathroom to find Loki no longer asleep sideways across the bed, but standing in front of the full length mirror. 

I stopped for a moment, trying not to startle him. I stared at him and didn't quite realise what was different about him at first, but then my eyes focused properly. Instead of his usual pale complexion and bright, emerald eyes, his skin was blue. Blue, with darker markings around his face in strange patterns and his eyes...they were no longer their sparkling green, they were now a ruby red, shining sadly. I walked towards him slowly. 

"Loki?" I said quietly, he turned to me and looked startled for a split second but then recovered almost immediately. I held up my hand to touch his cheek, but he tilted his head to side, away from my touch. 

"Don't. I...I'm a monster." He said, his voice almost inaudible. I furrowed my eyebrows and frowned. 

"No you're not, Loki," I touched his cheek, he didn't move away this time. His cheek was so cold it burnt my hand just touching it, but I didn't move it away, I didn't want him to know it was stinging me. But I think he already knew. He placed his blue hand over mine, his touch almost freezing me. He removed my hand from my face and placed it back at my side.                                                                    

"Don't, I know it stings you." 

"No it doesn't," I protested. Loki smiled sadly. 

"You don't have to lie to me, Ava." He said, his voice still just a sad whisper. I was going to protest further but he knew I was lying; he wasn't stupid. 

"You're not a monster." 

"You know nothing." 

"I know a lot more than you give me credit for." 

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