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Chapter Five - The Tailor

When I woke up, Loki still held me firmly against his bare chest in a protective embrace. I smiled to myself at how much he actually cared for me.

His face was no longer contorted with nightmares and he wasn't muttering or moving anymore. His features were relaxed and his stature calm; although his grip on me was alarmingly tight.

What was really worrying me was what had gone on to give him such deep mental scars he can no longer sleep properly. He'd said he had been tortured...beaten to a pulp. But Odin wasn't aware of this. Odin was simply the instructor of imprisonment and starvation. It was the guards. The guards had beat him, of their own accord, with no command to do so.

It was distressing to think that people would take it upon themselves to torture somebody purely for entertainment. Is that what it was, entertainment? I bet if I'd have asked them they would have said Loki provoked them or he had it coming or it was some form of bloody karma.

I sighed inwardly and pushed a loose strand of ebony hair out of Loki's face. After about ten minutes of contemplating what Loki had actually gone through in those twelve months, he began to stir and his emerald green eyes fluttered open. He blinked a few times to steady his vision and smiled once he had focused on me.

"Good morning," He said groggily, clearing his throat. I smiled back at him and greeted him in the same way. He loosened his grip on me and withdrew his arms from around me, slowly propping himself up on his bed in a sitting position. The covers fell and his chest was visible, I tried not to look because I knew it would only distract me.

"Good morning," I said, and he kissed the top of my head, making me smile. Every time he kissed me, it felt as though there was a whole storm of butterflies in my stomach; I'm like a teenage girl for God's sake.

I'd also decided that it was probably best not to mention the events of last night.

"Come on, get up. We have a lot to do today," Loki said softly, throwing the covers off himself completely and walking towards his wardrobe. I groaned and pulled his covers over my head.

"Can't I stay here?" I asked him, my voice croaky and muffled under the duvet. Loki laughed.

"No, you cannot. We are going to get you some armoured clothes, seems as you enjoy sword fighting and I do not want to see you injured again. We are also going into the town with Thor and Sondra, so we do not have time to waste." He said, as he flicked through the green and black material that was hung in his wardrobe. I sighed and dragged the covers from around my head and stood up from the bed.

"I'll be back in a minute," I said, before teleporting back into my own room. I quickly pulled a cream tunic out of my wardrobe, with brown leather pants and a brown leather jacket to wear with it. I dressed quite quickly and brushed my hair through. I still wore the little golden bracelet from Loki with the horse charm on, and that sparkly headband Will had made for me last year was still pushing my ebony hair from my face and subconsciously escalating my powers as well.

When I was at least satisfied with my appearance, I teleported into Loki's room, and once again I was ready before him. He only had his pants on, his chest still bare. I tilted my head to the side and crossed my arms; Loki frowned.

"Why is it that I'm the girl and I'm always ready before you?" I asked, Loki just raised an eyebrow at me and didn't say a word. I chuckled to myself. Loki quickly pulled a black and green shirt on over his black trousers and then grabbed a comb and slicked his hair out of his face. He checked himself once more in he mirror and he caught me rolling my eyes at him in the glassy surface. He grinned and held his elbow out for me to link. I gladly took it and Loki led me out of the door and towards the dinner hall to have breakfast.

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