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 Chapter Twenty Eight - The Start

Ava's View 

Sondra and I continued to walk behind Thor until we reached the palace, which was now heavily guarded by soldiers. They refused to let us pass until we answered numerous questions about ourselves. 

"Names," They stated. 

"Thor Odinson."

"Sondra, Serith's daughter."

"Ava Richards." I said, quietly. The guards carried on asking simple facts about us, until they deemed us trustworthy and allowed us to enter the courtyard. The courtyard was brimming with people. There was noble soldiers, clad in shining armour, and new undergarments. They were polishing their swords, axes and bows ready to lead Asgard into the battle. Then there were the townsfolk, who had old plates of armour and thick clothes underneath, they tried to clean their weapons, but it was quite obvious who was a nobleman and who was not. I noticed Will in the crowd, standing next to a few soldiers but he wasn't speaking to them. He was suiting himself up in what was probably his own tailoring. 

He didn't notice us and I thought it best not to shout over to him. Sondra either thought the same as me, or just didn't notice him. Thor continued to walk and we continued to follow him. He took us through the courtyard which was teeming with people, and up the marble steps at the front of the palace. He led us through carpeted corridors which, too, were full of people preparing for this war. There were more soldiers, medics, and families all trying to do their bit.

Some of the people stood in the corridor were as young as around eleven, and they were armoured and given a short sword to fight with, Upon seeing a young boy with this mother combing his hair back with tears in her eyes made an enormous lump form in my throat. No child should have to fight in a war as brutal as this. 

We were soon led through the throngs people into Odin's throne room. Thor stood in front of us and bowed a little in front of his father. Sondra and I bowed too, as Odin spoke up. 

"You are to prepare for the battle. I shall return your armour and weapons I have taken from you for you to equip yourselves with. Sondra, you are to listen to your leaders and not do what you think is best, as you usually do. It will not help the cause and could end in disaster for more than just yourself. Ava, you are to keep away from Loki before the battle as I want you both to be focused on the task at hand," Odin said, leaning back on his throne. I bit my lip to make sure I didn't protest and make a scene. Sondra just stared at him in silence. Thor looked between us and then nodded to his father. 

"I'll help them get prepared," Thor said solemnly, as he led us from the  throne room and into a weapons vault. He gestured toward a chest. "Your confiscated items should be in there," He stated, his voice faltering a little and cracking halfway through his words. He looked towards the floor. I stepped up to him and pulled him into a hug. 

"I'm sorry, Thor," I said quietly. He didn't say a word back for a few moments. "It's my fault." 

"We all make mistakes," He said softly, before hugging me back. "And mistakes can always be fixed, can't they?" 


Loki's View 

I was dressed and armed for this ridiculous battle, and I had been for the past three hours. I had a guard shadowing me; whoever had appointed him to me seemed to think I wouldn't notice. I slipped out of the main corridor, and conjured a duplicate whilst the guard wasn't near me. I then made the duplicate stay and pace around a little, as I ran off to the courtyard. 

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