I'm sorry this is so delayed, I've had so many tests and assessments in school, I just haven't had time, but here it is! Jennifer Lawrence as Sondra (side) Enjoy and have a wonderful day/night. Love, abbiemca x

Chapter Nine - Preparations

Tom stared at me for a moment as my hand brushed unconsciously over the parchment of plans.

"Are you going to tell?" He asked, unmoving. I shrugged.

"I don't know yet. I don't know who to tell. Thor and Loki will just... I don't know, lose control or something. I could tell Sondra but... Oh I don't know!" I said, my hands warming up, threatening to burn holes in the parchment beneath my fingertips. "How do you know anyway?"

"You're not the only one who knows how to sneak about places," He said, with a hint of a smile. His voice was still as soft and quiet as it was back in the army. It was only now that I was realising just how alike he and his brother actually are. I smirked at him before standing up from the floor we were both sat at. He followed suit and did the same.

"Are you following me, Thomas?"

"Well that depends on where you're going."

"Right. Well, does this place have a library?" I asked him, he pondered for a moment.

"Yes. But I never thought you'd be one for reading."

"Oh? And why is that?"

"You just don't seem the type. Come on, it's this way," Tom said in his ever quiet voice. He led me out of Will's workshop and towards the library.


The library was absolutely amazing. There were more than just shelves of books, there were mountains of the things! My expression must have been some kind of disbelief because Tom seemed to find it quite amusing. I ran through the centre of rows of shelves, and grabbed a book that said 'fairytales' on the blood red spine. Tom raised an eyebrow at my choice before sitting down next to me with a book of his own.

"Fairy tales?" he inquired, still looking over his shoulder every few moments.

"Yes. And?" I asked, opening my book and allowing the scent of the old paper fill my nose.

"Nothing. I just thought you might have chosen something a little more interesting."

"This is interesting."

"Children's tales?"

"Well, you grew up with them. I didn't. I've never heard half of them before. All of the Midgardian ones had happy endings," I explained, not taking my eyes from the pages. Tom didn't answer for a moment but when he did I was quite sure he was just trying to interfere with my reading.

"Happy endings? That's not exactly interesting, is it?" Tom asked, frowning.

"Well, we thought it was. I mean, they were only kids' stories, if you killed the princess, you'd only upset the kid."

"But...where's the adventure? Your fairy tales clearly make no sense."

"Don't jump to conclusions," I said, pointedly. Tom smiled, for the first time all day. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Tell me one."


"Tell me one of your fairy tales." Tom said, now leaning back in his cushioned chair and propping his feet up on the table. I thought for a moment about what one I could tell him, I tried to avoid cheesy ones but they're fairy tales, they're all cheesy. I settled on telling him Beauty and the Beast, because that had always been my favourite.

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