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A/N: I know I'm updating a lot, it's just because it's the Christmas holidays and I'm allowed to sit on my laptop for hours on end wiritng stories and procrastinating without anybody nagging about homework etc...anyway, enjoy and have a wonderful day/night. Love, abbiemca x 


Chapter Seventeen - Hacking into SHIELD

Ava's View

I unlocked the door to my apartment using the spare key under the plant pot. Opening the door, I was greeted to a few letters at the foot of the entrance and a glare from my landlady.

"And where have you been Ms. Richards?" She asked me, she was a plump woman, who always wore a faded blue nightdress with a white dressing gown over, fluffy slippers to match. Her greying hair was tied back into a knot at the nape of her neck. She continued to glare at me, still awaiting my answer. I smiled sheepishly at her.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you, Mrs Green," I said, slowly edging my way to the stairs to escape her.

"Try me."

"I'd really rather not."

"Ava, I can easily evict you if you keep hiding things from me."

"Fine! I...um...stayed with my boyfriend for a few nights," I said, Mrs Green simply stared at me. One of her eyebrows then raised.

"You have a boyfriend?" She asked, a tone of surprise in her voice.

"I did tell you that you wouldn't believe me," I shrugged, before bounding up the stairs so she couldn't interrogate me further. I breathed a sigh of relief when I reached my living room. I threw my letters onto the coffee table and grabbed my black laptop from the desk.

This was a new apartment I'd rented after the big New York battle, it was roomier and a lot more modern and sophisticated. There was a clear glass coffee table, a black sofa that actually has working springs, a black dining table, a flat screen television and numerous shelves and bookcases.

The walls were black, with a white border along the top. The floor was made up of white, shining tiles that always cooled my feet as I walked across them.

My kitchen was fairly large, and it was the same colour scheme as the living room. There was every appliance I needed, even though I hardly ever had any food.

My bedroom was simple, with a small desk, a double bed, a slim wardrobe and the full length mirror from my previous accommodation. The walls in there were a deep purple colour, and I had black furniture and bed covers; they made a nice combination.

The bathroom in this apartment, thankfully, wasn't joined onto my bedroom. It was only small, with a toilet, sink and shower. It was tiled with mainly white, with splashes of blue and green here and there.

The apartment itself was immaculate, I'm not really a messy person. The only downside to this place is Mrs Green.

I sat down on the black couch, propping the laptop up on the coffee table. I opened its lid, entered my password and then opened up a programme Tony had installed on my computer, which allowed me to break into even the most secure databases. I smiled to myself as i entered all of SHIELD's data into the programme.

I sat back on the couch as I watched the little computer whir away and sift through SHIELDs highly encrypted documents as if they were All Access Word Documents.

Soon, Tony's programme had given me access to SHIELD's complete mainframe. I grinned as I entered "Titan" in the search box. There was a few related search results, but I knew the one that had 'TOP SECRET' plastered all over it would be the one I needed. I clicked on it, and let my little hacking programme break into all the barriers that were denying me access. It didn't take long to get into the document and when I took in all of the information, I was beginning to regret breaking in at all.

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