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A/N: Okay, so picture on the side is of course, Tom Hiddleston (Loki, in case you were unaware ;))  Enjoy the chapter and have a wonderful day/night! Love, abbiemca x 


Chapter Twenty - Another Stolen Relic 

Loki's View

The next morning, I was the first to wake up, which was only due to my lack of sleep during the night. I couldn't sleep; I only got nightmares, which was no different than any other night. It was definitely a good job that I'd managed to seal off the connection between Ava and I; she would never get to sleep. 

She was lying peacefully next to me, her eyes still tightly closed and her hand resting on the pillow next to her face. I smiled at her as I propped myself up into a sitting position. I didn't deserve her. Of all the things that I've done and caused, I didn't even know how she could love me. She was the enemy last year, and it was still only a mission that had caused us to be together, regardless of whether we liked each other or not. I suppose it was just a matter of fate that she fell for me in the process of doing her job. But I didn't really care. I still loved her and as long as we were together I couldn't care less about how it had  happened. 

I suppose she'd also changed me, too. I've resorted back to the ways before Thor's banishment. I wasn't particularly evil any longer. Although I'm not quite the same as I used to be, I'd say I'm much more like the Loki that would go and fight battles with his brother, as oppose to the Loki that destroyed a Midgardian city last year. But I'd never be the same, not completely. 

I shook my head to rid myself of the thoughts, and simply gazed upon Ava's sleeping form. It was undescribable how much I loved her. 

She soon stirred and her eyelids fluttered open, revealing her sparkling grey eyes. She grinned at me and sat herself up, fixing the pillow behind her. 

"Good morning," I said to her, and she grinned back, rubbing her eyes. 

 "Good morning to you too," She said, clearing a her throat before clambering out of the bed and walking over to the bathroom, taking clean clothes with her. 

"How many times do I have to tell you this? I'll just look away, you don't have to go in there, Ava." 

"Too late," She said with a smirk before she shut the door. I sighed and got up myself, teleporting to my room and changing in record time. It had almost become a kind of competition to see who could get changed the quickest; one which Ava usually wins. I teleported back to her room and sat on the edge of the bed, picking up a huge, golden book that was laid down upon her vanity desk. 

I flicked through the pages and of course, I knew what it was. I'd grown up with these stories. I knew most of them by heart. What I was wondering though, was where Ava had acquired this. Although I'd read all of the stories in various adaptations numerous times over, I'd never once seen them presented in a book so magnificent. 

Ava soon entered the room and looked beautiful as usual. Her long black hair shone as it fell way past her shoulders and her eyes sparkled so much that they were almost silver. She walked over to me and sat down beside me on the bed. I looked towards her and gestured to the heavy book resting in my lap. 

"Where did you acquire this?" I asked her. She shrugged dismissively.

"Tom gave it to me at the ball, just before you proposed," At the mention of our proposal, my eyes instinctively fell on her hand, which of course the silver ring was shining around her finger and the golden charm bracelet was hanging on her wrist. 

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