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Chapter Twenty Nine - Blue 

Ava's View

I threw my arm up immediately and a blast of bright purple energy threw the enormous giant off it's course, which was, in fact, heading straight for me. Sondra nodded to me and I just gave her a knowing look. Her forehead was bleeding and the scarlet liquid had seeped in between the strands of blonde hair on her hairline. She wore mainly golden armour, with terracotta coloured fabric lying under neath it so that the impenetrable metal didn't rub her skin. Her hair was tied back into a very intricate yet effective ponytail, one which I could never achieve. I was just using my purple power-enhancing headband to keep my hair out of my eyes. 

My armour was the same as ever, silver, with bits of purple fabric - I liked the purple, and I liked the fact that Will had tailored the exact same shade of purple as my outfit in The Battle of New York. My bottom lip was cut, and I had to keep rubbing the blood away from my face as it continuously trickled from the tiny wound. My cheek was bruised too, but then again, most of my body was at this point. 

We'd been at this for hours now. I was exhausted, but there was no way I was just going to give up. I looked to my left, and saw Sondra slicing through a large blue body, a slice which was accompanied by a satisfied growl from Sondra and a howl of pain from the Jotun. She then made her way through plenty more giants, carving out a passage, her blade smoking with bloody execution.  

As I wasted all of about six seconds looking at Sondra, I found myself being towered over by two astoundingly large frost giants. I smiled sheepishly, before focusing all of the energy into the frontal lobe of my brain, and then sent impulses to both of theirs. I mentally tore each and every one of their brain cells to shreds. They shrieked with pain, before dropping to their knees in front of me. I took a deep breath, before stumbling forwards and advancing on the next horde of frost giants, Sondra not too far away from me. 

The giants just kept on coming, some of them I blasted away with the streams of purple energy from my hands, some ended up with only shredded nerve cells for brains, some took me by complete surprise and ended up with my sword to the gut. I was awkward when using the sword, so I much preferred to use my powers. 

I glanced over to Sondra once more, and she was soundly and efficiently slaying three giants that were crowding around her. She did it with so much ease, so much grace, that she almost made killing look like an art form. Just as the last giant toppled to the bloodied cobbles on which the two armies were fighting, Sondra keeled over only slightly and breathed in and out deeply. She failed to notice the oncoming giants behind her. I spun on my heel, and immediately sent a beam of energy toward  the sneaky giant. The beam had a lot further to travel than the usual distance in which I blasted it, so the purple stream crackled and sparks of energy flew off it, until it hit the giant straight in the chest. Another howl of pain, and one more Jotun was gone. Sondra immediately stood up straight, and spun around in shock, looking at the giant and taking ragged breaths. 

She snapped her head onto me, and then shouted over to me. 

"Thanks," She yelled, and I just nodded towards her, before running forward into a huge gathering of Jotuns. They noticed me, and they then began to encircle me. I hated circles, it was so awkward. It wasn't a problem, of course, but I much preferred combat from one side only, not every single angle. 

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