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Chapter Two - Sondra and Swordfights

Ava's View

 Loki and I left Thor before the two brothers started an argument; well, I dragged Loki away from Thor before a full on battle broke out. Loki soon shook off the thought of his brother and then led me to my room, which was coincidentally, right next door to his. He held open the door for me as I entered my new bedroom. I stepped inside and marvelled at the sight. There was a king size four poster bed, golden, of course, pushed against the centre of the left wall with pearly white covers. There were two bedside cabinets either side of the bed and a intricately detailed tapestry hanging above. Chiffon drapes hung down over the posters of the bed in a very Disney Princess manner. The floor was carpeted with blood red carpet, which had flecks of gold in between its fibres. There was a chest of drawers over the other side of the room, with a vanity desk to its side. There was also a wardrobe, a full length mirror and an en-suite bathroom. There was a long, patio style window, with chiffon drapes which matched those over the bed hanging from its sides. The window could be opened and used as a door which led onto a pretty concrete balcony. 

I spun to Loki with a grin on my face. 

"I feel like a princess," I said to him, before throwing myself like a star-fish onto the huge bed. Loki smiled at me and then came to join me by sitting on the edge of the bed. I sat up to speak to him, but he spoke first.

"You'll need to get changed," He said, his eyes falling onto the wardrobe. I groaned and flung my head back into pillows. 

"Why?" I whined like a petulant child. Loki rolled his eyes dramatically at me before standing from the bed and heading for the wardrobe. I turned on the bed so that I was face down in the pillows. After about five minutes of pure silence and peace, I felt material being flung over my head. "There was no need for that." I muttered into pillows, my voice muffled and barely audible. Loki chuckled. 

"Just put it on Ava," He sighed fondly. 

"Fine. Get out of my room." I said, with a grin. Loki gave me a slanted smile before turning his back and leaving me in the room in peace. I sat up from the pillows and took the material Loki had thrown at me in my hands. He'd given me a dress. A green dress. I'm sorry Loki, but you're not wearing your bloody cape, so I'm not wearing a green dress. I flung the dress over the side of the bed and walked to the wardrobe to pick myself out something else. 

The majority of the clothes hung on hanger were dresses, in every colour imaginable. For Christ's sake, why do I have to wear a dress? I rummaged through the wardrobe until I found a cream tunic with three small buttons fastening the low collar. I placed it over a chair which was in front of the vanity desk and then went searching for some trousers. I soon found a pair of quite tight leather pants. They were not unlike leggings back at Earth, just leather. I picked them up and slung them over the tunic. I then started pointlessly rummaging around the rest of the clothes that weren't dresses. I managed to find a brown leather waistcoat/vest to go over the tunic. I smiled to myself and then grabbed the items of clothing I had picked out for myself to wear, and hanging Loki's dress back up in the mean time. 

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