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Chapter Thirty One - Repeats

Third Person View

 Ava knelt over Loki, her weak arms cradling his now limp body, her voice had become hoarse, and her grimy face had been streaked with the now uncontrollable tears that fell from her eyes. He was gone. Loki was gone.

She sat for a few moments like that, her mind completely blank, her eyes sore, and red, with salted water running in a steady stream. She had completely blocked out the battle around her, the battle cries, and the clinking of metal were merely just an irritating buzzing noise in her ears. The figures than ran around her, swung their swords, launched catapults, threw spears... they were simply blurs that vanished as soon as they focused on her eye's retina.

It was only when a large, heavy hand fell upon the top of her arm like a heavy boulder did she seem to snap out of her trance, and the world came back to life around her in seconds. She turned her head slightly, to see who was holding onto her shoulder, and her silver eyes met with those of Thor. She clung to Loki as if he were the only thing anchoring her to reality, and as soon as Thor realised what had happened to his little brother, he too knelt down next to Ava. 

"Leave him with me, Ava," He stated. His blonde hair had been tied back at the front, but it had still all fell in front of his eyes, and was streaked with dirt and grime. His eyes looked tired, and his face, like Ava's, was caked in mud, and up his bare arms, were numerous scratches and grazes, but the thunder God had acquired no serious amount of damage to his body. 

"What? No! I'm staying-" She began, her voice starting out weak and croaky, but soon regaining its usual strength and volume.

"No. I am to take him to the infirmary-" 

"But he said if anybody retreated during a battle, it's considered cowardice and you are to be executed," Ava argued, her hands still clinging to the torn fabric of Loki's clothing. 

"They are hardly going to put their future king to death," Thor stated, with no trace of a smile. It was so unnatural, so strange, to see the mighty Thor without some sort of smile, or spring in his step. "Move aside," Thor said, his blue eyes avoiding the now piercing glare of the woman's beside him.


"Ava, please don't make me force you. If we do not hurry, there may be absolutely no way we can save him, at least at this moment, there may be a small hope of him surviving." Thor explained, his voice lacking in any form of visible emotion. Ava frowned, and wondered how on Earth Loki could be saved, when his heart had stopped. She didn't voice these concerns, because maybe Thor was right. If Loki could be saved, then she was not going to argue with him. Reluctantly, she loosened her remarkably tight grip on Loki's attire, and moved back whilst Thor picked his brother up with astonishing ease. As Thor stood up, with Loki in his arms, Ava followed suit and stood beside him. Thor's eyes were beginning to glaze over with tears, but Ava said nothing. 

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