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Loki's view 

"Heimdall," I stated, clearing my throat as I approached our gatekeeper. He turned, not surprised to see me. 

"It's nice to see you outside, my prince," He said, his amber eyes looking straight through me. I didn't respond to his statement. 

"I need a favour," I began, and Heimdall's eyebrow raised. 

"You want me to check on Lady Richards?" He asked, knowing full well that was exactly what I was planning. I looked towards the glassy floor of the Bifrost and nodded, even though the mention of her name gave me shivers. "We have to be quick though, Asgard is in total chaos with the declaration of war."

"I understand," I said quietly. Heimdall looked at me once more and I could have sworn I saw pity in his eyes. I didn't say a word though, I just needed to know how she is. I know I wasn't exactly doing great. I'd lost weight that I didn't even have to lose. I don't eat and I hardly ever sleep, no matter what Thor tries to do to prevent all of this. I sighed to myself before Heimdall beckoned me forward. 

"I would let you into my mind, Loki, but I'm afraid I don't quite trust you. So I'm just going to tell you instead," He stated, and I just nodded. Any other day that would have gotten a smile out of me. He took a few moments with his eyes shut, before opening his mouth and releasing words from his lips. "She's struggling," He said, softly. I snapped my eyes towards him in panic. Struggling? No, she can't struggle. She never struggles. She fights. 

"Struggling? But-"

"Hush. She's still fighting, Loki. She hasn't given up just yet. Unlike yourself," He said, giving me a pointed look. I narrowed my eyes slightly at him before he continued. "Steven Rogers is helping her. As well as Dr Banner and Anthony Stark. And I believe Miss Potts and the two assassins are trying their best too." 

 "Where's Sondra?" I asked, puzzled that she hadn't been mentioned along with all of Ava's friends. 

"She's in SHIELD custody at the moment. However, they are not mistreating her. If anything, she's having a good time. If anybody isn't enjoying themselves, it's Ava," He explained solemnly. I looked at him once more. 

"What do you mean?" I asked him, slightly worried. 

"Do I need to spell it out to you, Loki?" He sighed. I didn't respond and he let out another deep sigh. "Come closer," He stated and I did as I was told. He then gripped my shoulder and I could feel a strange sensation at the back of my head. 

"What are you doing?" I asked him, Heimdall was staring straight through me. 

"I'm going to regret this," He muttered, and a shooting pain soared straight through my head, I let out a small howl of pain and buckled slightly. 

"Get out!" I hissed. Heimdall didn't listen to me. After a while though, the pain ebbed away and a scene was painted in front of my eyes. It was Ava. I suddenly calmed when her image was brought to my mind. She was trembling... as if she was cold or crying. I was pretty sure it was the latter. My eyebrows furrowed as I strained my eyes to see her in more detail, of course, my assumption was right... she was crying. 

She was in a room, in SHIELD's headquarters, with nobody other than Steve Rogers. He had only entered seconds after Heimdall had begun to show me the scene, and it didn't even take him a split second to realise that Ava was crying. He ran towards her, and held her tightly in a hug; something which made me feel so empty, but it was something that she needed so desperately. 

As soon as he began to console her, I almost felt my whole world collapse. Is she... Is she getting over me? Just the thought was shaking me, and I couldn't grip a hold of the scene any longer. Heimdall noticed this, and removed his presence from my head. I stared down at the glassy floor we were stood on and I felt nothing. I felt hollow. Empty. Frankly quite worthless. 

Heimdall didn't say a word when I turned on my heel and left him without a farewell.

I still loved her, and now her ring was beginning to feel like a ton of bricks in my pocket, every time I thought about her the silver band would gain weight. I fished into my pocket and took it out, twirling it around in my fingers. I shouldn't have taken it off her... With a deep breath, I forced the ring back into my pocket and continued to walk through the cobbled streets of Asgard. 

Nobody bothered me. Nobody ever did, really. Unless I was with somebody they actually liked. I continued to walk through the streets, heading to the town square without even thinking about it. People passed, some gave me strange looks, some moved a few steps away from me, but none of that particularly bothered me. After all, I was fairly used to being shunned by now. 

I reached the fountain that I had passed so many times before. Nobody was near it. There was, in fact, only a few people in the main part of the town square; and they were only here for a few minutes. So once again, I was left alone. I sighed before sitting on the edge of the fountain and dipping my hand in the cool water. I moved my hand in a circle and watched as tiny ripples formed and rolled out across the water's surface. 

 I'd completely lost myself when I felt somebody tugging at the sleeve of my free hand. I snapped my head around in shock and simply blinked when I saw Mari looking back at me. She gave me a small smile before climbing up into my lap. 

"Hello," I said to her, and she didn't respond until she had got herself comfortable. 

"Hello. I haven't seen you for a while," She said softly, playing with a piece of leather on my jacket. I didn't answer this, and just stared past her. She looked up from the piece of black leather she was playing with and stared at me. "You... You look sad," She stated quietly, and I let out a hollow laugh as she said it. 

"I suppose I am," I said, and she frowned. 

"You don't suit being sad. You look better when you smile," She said, and I tried my best to give her a smile, but something didn't work out quite right in the execution of it. She just tilted her head to the smile. "No, not one of those smiles, I mean a proper one."

"I haven't had one of those in a while," It took a while for Mari to respond to this, her little eyebrows furrowed and she dropped the piece of leather in her hands as soon as she had come to her conclusion. 

"Is it because of Ava?" She asked softly, her brown hair tumbling over her eyes, which she pushed back immediately. I just gave a small nod and she blinked once. "Maybe you should apologise... And give her the ring back..." 

"It's too late now," I said, avoiding Mari's gaze. Her head tilted and her long brown hair fell from its positioning behind her ears. 

 "Too late? What do you mean?" 

"She's gone," I said, and actually saying the words out loud hurt more than the amount of times I'd thought the exact same thing. Somehow, uttering them made them somewhat definite, set in stone, a fact. Mari frowned at this and her bright eyes widened. 

"Gone? I don't understand..." 

"She's gone back to Midgard, she... she was sent back there by the Allfather..." I said, and my own words trailed off into nothingness. Mari just stared at me. 

"But... But... You love her and-and she loves you so... she'll come back, won't she?" Mari asked me, and I didn't actually know the answer to her question. Would she come back? 

"I-I don't know..." I said quietly, and Mari just continued to stare at me. 

"I don't want you to be sad, Loki," She said, gently placing her arms around me in a hug. I gave her a very small smile before hugging the little girl back. 

"I don't want to be sad either," I whispered, and Mari just clung to me tighter. 

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