Powerlessness  ( Loki x Reader ) by PoeticMindsEye
Powerlessness ( Loki x Reader )by Lotus.
"You could destroy me, destroy Thor, my father; all of Asgard! With the snap of your fingers..... Yet you carry yourself, a fly with no wings. Why?" "Bec...
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  • lovestory
  • steverogers
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❝DESTINIES ARE TROUBLESOME THINGS.❞ In which Princess Katrina's destiny was nothing but trouble. Everyone in the Nine Realms knew that Prin...
  • marvel
  • darcylewis
  • steverogers
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Coffee & Books - Loki fanfic ✓ by ilse_writes
Coffee & Books - Loki fanfic ✓by Ilse
The people of Asgard are looking for a new home. They get a warm welcome on Earth, except for Loki. He is treated like a criminal of war, a terrorist. All they see in hi...
  • heimdall
  • darkness
  • captainamerica
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No tricks  / Loki fanfiction by childofchai
No tricks / Loki fanfictionby Child Of Chai
"I was raised to become his princess, yet somehow he became the villain." I told him. Coulson nodded, understanding. "And now?" "I believe it is...
  • avengers
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  • loki
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The avenger's first heir by H_Gold307
The avenger's first heirby H_Gold307
A romanogers story. Natasha romanoff is pregnant, how would the avengers protect their first heir.
  • lovechild
  • ironman
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Gods and Monsters (Loki Laufeyson x Reader) by lydiaofthefallen
Gods and Monsters (Loki Fallen Author
"(Y/n)." (Y/n)'s surroundings changed. She was in the Asgard throne room, Loki in front of her. "(Y/n) you must leave Thor, so that you may come home.&quo...
  • ragnarok
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Smut Stories|Fandoms <Request Open> Re-Written by TheFangirlRightThere
Smut Stories|Fandoms Re-Writtenby F.F. Reeds
Since Wattpad refuses to put my old smut stories back up after someone falsely reported them because I made comments on never doing a pedophilla lemon, I was forced to s...
  • kinky
  • smuttystory
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A Whole Bunch of Loki's by DarkHell616
A Whole Bunch of Loki'sby Hell
Here we have just a bunch of Loki's. Werewolf Loki's, Teen Loki's, Lokitty-Loki's and eventually even FrankenLoki's. Told in a variety of POV's, we have a collection of...
  • tonystark
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You're Mine ~ Loki x Reader by AwesomeAppaloosa
You're Mine ~ Loki x Readerby lokiaintdead
You have spent almost your entire life in the palace. Your family was brutally murdered when Malekith attacked Asgard. Frigga felt terrible and took you under her wing...
  • asgard
  • loki
  • thor
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The Ides of July // Loki - Book 1 ✓ by jandralee
The Ides of July // Loki - Book 1 ✓by jandralee
Marvel Fanfic Awards Winner: -Best Plot -Best Loki -Best Male Villain -Toughest Character (Anna) BOOK ONE. The world has changed. After aliens invaded New York C...
  • avengers
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The Weakness by Cazimere
The Weaknessby Caz
Erin Laufeyson is the sister of the god of mischief, Loki. And he seems to have a soft spot for her, as does Thor. Find out what happens in 'The Weakness' I OWN NOTHING...
  • asgard
  • manhattan
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Jail birds (Loki x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Jail birds (Loki x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
Young (Y/n) finds herself in trouble when she returns to earth only to be captured and thrown into a cell by the heroes who call themselves the Avengers. In the cell nex...
  • marvel
  • captainamerica
  • asgard
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Loki's Angel (Loki Fan fic) by SoSand
Loki's Angel (Loki Fan fic)by Apollo Winters
Loki's angel has been watching him and protecting him since the day she woke up to become an angel. She hides her wings always, keeping down a secret while protecting Lo...
  • angels
  • theavengers
  • fanfic
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The Loki System by RenMeng
The Loki Systemby Author-San
The Wicked Villain System is desperately in search of a host. In comes this sleepy looking guy who doesn't know how he died. Mot Stonehildd is a mechanic. He's the slee...
  • adventure
  • protagonist
  • asgard
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Loki's Girl (Loki x Reader) by PirateShip
Loki's Girl (Loki x Reader)by Ryan
A girl named Y/n grew up with Loki and Thor until one day they disappeared. What happens when they show back up again, and she refuses to let them leave without her. (...
  • disneyland
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Superheroes {Loki Laufeyson - Ragnarok} by DalvieCurtis
Superheroes {Loki Laufeyson - R A D I A N T
"NOW LIGHT A MATCH, STAND BACK, WATCH 'EM EXPLODE" // MIRA LAM is a fiery hothead who doesn't exactly give two cents about the world around her. That is, unti...
  • valkyrie
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Uniting Asgard [Book One] (UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION) by Snakehipping-Tom
Uniting Asgard [Book One] (UNDER Ragnarok and Roll
(UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION) In an old prophecy found thousands of years after it was made, it states that Loki was to serve as king of Asgard and that his queen would se...
  • loki
  • asgard
  • fan
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Quite The Team by LordOfMidgard
Quite The Teamby LordOfMidgard
Angela has lived in a small orphanage for as long as she can remember. She remembers next to nothing from her childhood and life before being banished to Midgard. After...
  • agentsofshield
  • clintbarton
  • natasharomanaff
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Loki x Reader by AngieC17
Loki x Readerby AngieC17
Just something whilst I overcome my writer's block for the Rocket and Reader story. Loki and reader fanfic where Loki captures reader for some unknown purpose. Centers...
  • lokixreader
  • readerinsert
  • avengers
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My Soul Responding by Hiddleston_shinoda01
My Soul Respondingby Tessa Lovell
Thor has an obsession and he isn't afraid to act upon it. Drastic? Probably. Insane? Definitely. MATURE CONTENT. Thorki fan fiction, of course. MPREG! :)
  • alien
  • hiddleston
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